Which version of Cruella

With the new Cruella movie coming out she’s almost certainly going to be added to the game

So which iteration of Cruella would everyone like to see in game

The original Disney animation
Glenn Close
Emma Stone

And if you want the Glenn or Emmas iteration of Cruella what do you think about a skin inspired by Angelina Jolie for Maleficent

On the topic of skins if you are reading this Per blue a Legacy Tron skin for Tron and a OG Kevin Flynn skin would be amazing even more awesome would be a Clu 2 skin for Kevin :grin:

It’s always original to be added in this game.


Most of the time yea, but technically Elsa and Kevin Flynn are exceptions as there designs are based on there sequels
(I know Elsa used to be based on the original)

Hum… . I think they are more so likely to go for the animated aesthetic of her as the game is 2D art game.

At least wouldn’t be surprised if they more so for the animated version of her, but yeah we will see I suppose :-).


This new Cruella seems like a Disney Harley Quinn/Joker so I doubt they’d opt for that version. The classic one seems far more likely.


Definitely the classic one. It is the well known version and it fits the game well. Maybe a skill could be based off of the new upcoming movie? I see that as a possibility.


Skill or quote like for HDL (not enough, still depressed we didn’t got DT17 version), but unlikely here.

Like said… it will be classic.
Just as it was with the themed release of heroes for new Aladdin, Mulan and King Lion and Shank for the movie premiere.

We can expect Cruella and Pongo & Perdita in May (likely). :slight_smile:

Original all the way

(Sorry if this is a revive)
I think a mixture of both, she may have her entrance be the dress catch on fire from the trailer, it all depends on how the movie is. I do not think they would put a smoking Cruella in the game

(Don’t worry; this is still a relatively new topic, so I wouldn’t call this a “revive”.)

I think they would just use the original. A mix of both might be interesting, but perhaps a bit difficult for PB to implement, and I’m pretty sure they’d like to stick as close to the original source as possible.


Davy already have his pipe.

He does? The more you know

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