Who else has a stupid amount of raid tickets?!

I currently have 6900 raid tickets and no idea what I will ever use them all for.
I would love to see a peer to peer shop where we can sell what we choose and for how much.
Or some kind of swap


I have suggestion for this


Why not use them for the challenge? 750 raids in 3 days.

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That would still leave the OP with 6000 tickets. That’s the only thing besides normal use that uses them, and once you’re doing the higher stages you’re often earning them faster than you can use them. Even just selling some for a small a amount of gold would be useful for those people sitting on thousands of tickets and no way to use them all.

Wait…yoy couldnt just raid and raid and raid and raid to quickly earn hero badges??? sorry bit i use everyone i get my hands on.

Also if you have high enough VIP you can use thwm in trials and port.

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Still, at high enough VIP you get more than you could possible use. Sure, they can be used to earn badges quickly… as long as you have stamina for fights. It’s not like raid tickets make fights free.

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More ticket
More stamina needed
More diamond to buy stamina
More money to buy diamond
More profit

Its all about
Money money moneyyyyyyyyyyyy

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