Who framed roger rabbit appreciation

One of the greatest film masterpieces of all time needs more love, who framed roger rabbit is a 1988 movie about a toon being framed for the murder of a man, the toon must work with a toon hating detective to solve the crime. The movie has heart, danger, happiness and a story that could’ve made it to the game, I would like to let this thread be an appreciation to my favorite Disney film of all time, who framed roger rabbit. It’s a story of a man, woman, and a rabbit in a triangle of trouble.
I would love to see roger, Jessica, smarty weasel, and judge doom in the game, and maybe Benny the cab and Eddie valiant. If you haven’t watch this movie, it is well worth it

Help me out here buddy, post a picture of the movie you are showing appreciation for.

Why is this your favorite movie?

It’s on my watch list

The movie is somewhat relatable and has a message (idk if it’s a good message or not), and it was very advanced for 1988 and won an Oscar or Emmy (I forgot).

And here is the poster

Another glaring highlight in the movie is that this is the biggest crossover of all time. And what I mean by this is Mickey Mouse and bugs bunny make their first official appearance together and not as Easter eggs, they talk to each other, Donald and daffy play piano together. And then in the end all the toons sing a song rejoicing that their precious toontown is still going to stay. This is possibly what sold it for many people.

I heard that Warner Bros gave rights to Disney to use Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck if Bugs Bunny had the same amount of screen time as Mickey Mouse and if Daffy Duck had the same amount of screen time as Donald Duck

That’s true, fun fact porky and tinker bell did the outdo of the movie together. Porky did his thats all folks and think proofed him away and flew off, then credits started

I see, who was your favorite character?

Roger and smarty weasel, smarty has gone through multiple names consisting of smart a**, wise guy, smart guy, And wise a**. he is the lieutenant of the toon patrol, a gang of evil weasels that fortune toons with their leader judge doom

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