Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

To celebrate his new movie…why not have this third party character join the game?

Spongebob is a :star: front line damage
He is a Sign in hero in the summer
“We can do anything when we have teamwork.”
Enter: He walks in
Win: Gary falls into his arms and Spongebob hugs him
Then he bends down and crys

Basic attack: He swings his spatula

White: Goofy Goober :dizzy:: Spongebob turns into a wizard, strums his electric guitar, blinding and damaging enemies

Green: Let it Ride!: Spongebob grabs an enemy and yells, silencing it and then spongebob rips his clothes off and leaves the underwear on, giving him a increase on attack damage and attack speed

Blue: I’m Ready! :facepunch:: Spongebob runs through the screen, karate chopping, dealing damage and knocking back enemies

Purple: SquarePants: Spongebob has more amour

Red: Legendary Frycook :dizzy: : Once every wave, Spongebob will deal :dizzy: on his basic attack

Spongebob-Judy Hopps
Finding Gary
Spongebob has more hp

Spongebob-Mickey Mouse
Spongebob’s basic attack heals his weakest ally


SpongeBob would fit in more as a tank & I wouldn’t give Him the Goofy Goober wizard thing as one of His skills as theyre are many more things He does almost all the time. Green makes no sense & red is just lazy/uncreative.

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I :heart:


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The quality of that GIF is so terrible. It is 100% useless in any conversation.

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Sponge bob square pants!!!
Nose flute

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Please don’t revive post

Spongebod is not a Disney character (He is from Nickelodeon), so this can’t happen at all

(Didn’t saw this was an old post, sorry)

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It’s okay, but hero concept let you create characters that are Disney or not

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