Who’s Your Most-Wanted Hero?

Just out of curiosity, who is your most-wanted hero for Disney Heroes: Battle Mode? With three suggested heroes in my last list of suggestion post from 2021 being added to the game, I’m curious to hear which characters you want to be represented. If you cannot think of just one hero, perhaps just a singular movie or series you want to see? :eyes:

For me, I really want some The Santa Clause and Return to Oz characters, perhaps just one from each, particularly Scott Calvin and Princess Mombi respectively.


I guess Camilo? ,Bruno? Or Mater?



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Bing Bong is never coming. Period. End of story.
Mater is extremely unlikely because Cars as a franchise is extremely unlikely.
That…pink racer, whatever her name is, is extremely unlikely because she has less character, purpose, and dialogue than Mr. Big. At least Mr. Big played an actual plot-related part in Zootopia’s narrative.

Camilo, Bruno, Bellwether, Yasss, and…girl from recent Disney show? Yeah, sure, why not.

My three most-wanted characters (aside from just the entire cast of Encanto) are:


I’d probably like to see

Monterey Jack
Norton Nimnul
Phineas & Ferb
Agent P
Will Stronghold
Mother Gothel
The Caterpillar
King Candy
Monkey Fist
Duff Killigan


She plays a bigger role than Mr. Big, but she wouldn’t do much.

Mr. Big is “Don Corleone expy whom the heroes need to curry favor with in order to obtain the critical plot information.”

Pink Racer Girl is “Random Bully #4.”


Taffyta Muttonfudge would be her name.

All it ended was arresting wrong person.

I mean, yeah, but in WiR1 she was secondary antagonist, and has more screentime than him.
Still, no material to add into the game, unless all 5 skills will be around insults… and using her cart.

That doesn’t mean he didn’t play a role in the story. If ending up barking up the wrong tree meant every character on that tree means nothing to the story, then Shutter Island’s only important characters are Teddie and his wife. Or literally nobody in Fight Club, Memento, and The Usual Suspects.

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I know

But I can still dream

She’s more like the leader of the random bullies lol

But outside of racing, being mean and maybe crying there’s not much to do for her. But hey, maybe that’s enough lol

Anyways, these are my top three:





No. There was also Sour bill and the donut cops

My most wanted heroes.

Well, we already have Kaa so I’m down by 1.

I think it would have to be…


And just for the sheer heck of it...



Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes (x100000)!

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Glad to see someone else wants Roger Rabbit to be added.

Mr. Potato isn’t owned by Pixar/Disney

What Wendy would even do?

I don’t care is he is coming

No, he is not is coming. :flight_departure:

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