Who should be my tanks

I have a few tanks, but I can’t decide who my tanks are for the coliseum. I use this Tier list to decide the best of the best. I have Maximus, so he the main tank of mine, but I’m having trouble deiced what tank I should be, my second or third. For Tanks, I go with the A-tier, so I have Mr.Incredible, Shank, Sadness, Goofy, Hades, Clawhauser, Winnie The Pooh, Queen of Hearts, and Oogie Boogie. I have all of the S-tier hero experts for Dr.Bunsen, Fear, and Tron. I would love to hear your ideas for hero builds.

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Well you can make a blind team with Goofy, Powerline,Ian,Timon/Pumba and Hank/Dory.

Using The Friendship Disk Of Ian and Merlin were each time a enemy miss a attack Ian gain energy.
Ian Green Skill can Deal Huge Damage and Blind them.

There a Friendship Disk With Goofy and Jessie were goofy does more damage to blind Enemy.
Not only that but goofy can speed up your team and Blind your enemy with His White Skill.

Same with Hank/Dory and Rafiky Friendship Disk were hank/dory does more damage to disable enemy.

And There the Powerline And Goofy Friendship Disk were blind Enemy have there speed reduce.
Powerline Take less Damage from Blind Enemy with his Purple Skill and His White Skill Increases his Skill Power.

And Final There Timon/Pumba Friendship Disk Of Stich were hakuna matata give there allies Skill Power and Basic Damage.

So That a Good blind Team.


Shank is good if you want to stay on the defensive.

Olaf has On a Roll so he can do some real damage espially with Moana’s disk. And he can revive himself with Build a Snowman.

Mr. Incredible is a good pick since he can bulldoze enemies when Super Duper is applied.

But when push comes to shove, it’s entirely up to you.

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No, only in terms of Normal damage. She is basically a glass sculpture when it comes to Fantastic damage.

No. He’s very weak, tank and damage-wise. “On a Roll” does nothing against enemies and Olaf’s Moana disk has a considerably low damage cap, compared to the Max HP of today’s heroes.

In friend campaigns…


Oh uhmm I know this thread is not mine but thanks though cuz I’m working on a blind team and I currently have Goofy, Powerline, Hank and Dory, Gerald and Tigger…so yeah I think your suggestion is great and Imma try this…

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I’d say sadness. But I’m a bias inside out fan soo

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