Who should I upgrade?

I’ve been having a hard time lately on who to upgrade I can’t seem to make up my mind!

I don’t want to go by top tiers in tierlist because it’s gonna constantly change each month!

And for those that think I should just choose my favorite characters,I can’t choose!!! Every time I choose the characters I like then some other characters look cooler or I wanna upgrade another character liking him/her more.

What should I do I’m stressing out!!:fearful::confounded:

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What I’ve done is take who was S tier some time ago and also level2 or 3 favorites… and Zeus and shego. Ranged attackers, at least 1 freeze hero, a few favorites is ok. I personally am leveling linguini and scrooge even though people say leveling 29 heroes is too many. But I accepted the consequences and I’m kinda in on playing this for possibly years.

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Definitely true of me. I think the best is to check the most used hero in arena, coliseum and war since it can show defense for enemies. A common hero is likely used, it is implied that this hero is useful. But do see what kind of heroes are your style. If u prefer heavy hitters, fast attackers, disablers, the combination will differ. See what combo is the best after test trialing as well, and you’ll have your answer.

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I would recommend these heroes

Zeus (Ha Disk)
Shego (Ki Disk)
Ron Stoppable (Ki Disk)
Bolt (Either Disk)
Jessie (Bu)
Darkwing Duck (Ni Disk)
Gadget (Cl Disk)
Mother Gothel (Ur disk)
Calhoun (Vi Disk)
Go-Go (Ho Disk)
Elsa (Fr Disk)
Duff Killigan (Ro DIsk)
Kim Possible (Da Disk)

Aurora (Fa Disk)
Pocahontas (Either DIsk)
Dr. Drakken (Either disk)
Angel (St Disk)
Mary Sanderson (Lo Disk)
Ian Lightfoot (Me Disk)
Snow White (Either Disk)
The Mad Hatter (Al Disk)
Syndrome (Either Disk)

Megara (Sh Disk)
Ariel (Ge Disk)
Chip & Dale (Kr Disk)
Tron (Ma)
Bagheera (Either Disk)
Jim Hawkins (Pl disk)
Joy (An disk)
Esmeralda (Either disk)
Fairy Godmother (Mx Disk)
Kermit (Either Disk)

Shank (Va Disk)
Pacha (Either Disk)
Clawhauser (Li Disk)
Sadness (Either disk)

Prince Phillip is a really good tank too, particularly with the Phil disc.

If you’re facing a team that relies on shields, you’ll want Buzz Lightyear, as his red skill makes him penetrate enemy shields. You’ll also want Rapunzel on his team, with the Jasmine disc. Not only is she a good healer, but that disc increases damage to enemies with shields.

I typically have Robin Hood as sort of a backup healer, since his white skill damages an enemy and heals the most damaged ally. But his red skill also lets him hit invisible enemies. Cheshire Cat is good for that too.

For disable counters, Kronk and Mad Hatter are a must. Kronk’s Yzma disc will not only make your team immune to freezes for the first few seconds, but also invincible during that time. Mad Hatter’s red skill also makes your team immune to all disables for the first few seconds, and he has a charm of his own.

To counter reflects, you’ll want Sisu, Tron, or Pete. Pete’s Minnie disc will stun reflectors, which is good for Ian, since his firework spell is what’s more likely to get you. Sisu’s Mushu disc will make you take less reflect damage, and increase shielded allies’ armor - so it’s a good idea to have Calhoun with her, as Calhoun’s violet disc will give your team shields at the start. Best of all though, is Tron. Not only does he disable reflects with his white skill, but a fully upgraded Kevin Flynn disc will give him enough energy to use it at the start.

For enemy Zeus, you’ll want Mary Sanderson or Baymax. Mary will hex the enemy team at the start, preventing his storm. Baymax, with the Olaf disc, will freeze them. You might also want Quorra on the team too, or others who can survive if the storm goes off, like Powerline or Demona.

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