Who to be Refreshed first?

Buzz Lightyear

He´s actually good…

But he dies in a single second for me, and he’s at red 1.

He is useful againist shielded teams with his zurg disk and RS, I think you just need to protect him.

I have red skill at lev. 20 and zurg disk

Buzz is already great.

Scar is decent, only his HP is low.

Both of them die in one hit at red 1

I don’t know what to pick, and I was thinking of Kim to be refreshed

She won the poll so she’s getting refreshed next update which is possibly Friday (patch notes drop on Friday’s)

Kim’s refresh won’t be coming until 2.7.10, which won’t be announced until the 26th, if I remember right.

That doesn’t mean there can’t be an update this Friday; it just won’t include the KP refresh.

I thought the 26th would be probably when April’s sign in would be revealed but tbh I’m not sure.

Scar he is weaker

Agreed totally.

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