Who to use on this team

should i use king louie, belle, or elastic girl i say elatic girl because her red skill starts with 4 stacks of hardy with red skill, and Tron gives her a big skill power buff for every stack.

I’d say Elastigirl and Belle, and remove Sadness.

why remove sadness

She doesn’t work as good as Belle or EG in a hardy team

I agree… plus sadness wouldn’t be that much of an asset because of your damage heroes that you already have…

But she works with Disgust :grimacing:

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Why removed Sadness? No way! She is a good and tank.

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You don’t really need her there. Shang can take the damage and Disgust will block early skills. After Shang uses active in a team like that it’s quite hard to stop him. And yes Chef exists but it’s not like Sadness would do anything against him

if you replace sadness, you won’t have any more tank on this team

You don’t have to have a Tank on the team to have someone who can take hits. Li Shang is plenty stocky on his own.

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Plus his shield protects the entire team and himself, just more armor…

alr so use this

Well… yeah.
Ian with red skill could also go in there, in place of Elastigirl

i cant he on another team
these are my teamfor colisiam
Team 1

Team 2

and this is my 3 team i am work on

so wah u think

I would replace elastigirl, although I have much better heroes than she

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out of the 3 I’d stick a ton of purple skill mods on Louie and use him, but that does change the complexion of the team a bit

for 3 team? and who would i even take off the team

Yeah KL(An) with Ton of Purple Skill Can kill/slow many heroes.

Would say Jumba

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