Who were the three best heroes and three worst heroes of 2020


Dr. Facilier

Least Favorite:
John Silver

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And his only use.

I mean, have you seen how much damage his white skill can do though?

Not really.

That and his blue are wipeout skills.

Most new Characters can already have Wipeout level damage without stacks. So it’s not really special.

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1000%, he’s amazing

Hard to say power-wise, so I’ll say hero-wise. Well, my personal tier-list of 2020 characters, mostly based by my personal hype for those when they got leaked or announced. Even if my opinion got changed after they got added to the game(Powerline).

-S tier(Really wanted to see them)
*The Evil Queen
*Dr. Facilier
*Ian Lightfoot

-A-tier(Interested to see)
*Lock, Shock & Barrel
*Davy Jones
*Shan Yu
*Flynn Rider
*John Silver
*Captain Amelia
*Honey Lemon
*Basil of Baker Street

-B-tier(Still good, but not my favourites)
*Jim Hawkins
*Magica De Spell
*The Manticore
*Li Shang
*Kim Possible
*King Louie
*Slinky Dog
*Kristoff & Sven
*Minnie Mouse

-C-tier(Not the worst picks IMO)
*Hank & Dory
*Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker

-D-tier(Not my cup of tea)
*Cheshire Cat
*Winnie the Pooh

-F-tier(At least others will be happy)
*Gerald, Marlin & Nemo


My 3 favorites:

  • Sadness (At first I thought she was weak, but after using her for a while she’s very fun to use! Also she has a lot of HP so that’s good)
  • Hank and Dory (14 second blind at start + Goofy (Je) is extremely good, I never use Hank and Dory and Goody separated because of that.)
  • Disgust (She’s very good, I like to use her combined with Sadness. Also she’s Disgust, do I need to say more?)

My 3 least favorites:

  • Fear (I don’t think his moveset fits with him at all, less crit damage in my opinion doesn’t fit him and aside from his purple there isn’t much to him. He would’ve been better as a silencer or scare immunity to team. He’s disappointing for me.)
  • Powerline (Nothing personal, just don’t like him)
  • Basil (I think this one is obvious…)

Cheshire cat

Kim possible
Flynn rider

I also liked what @Turned_To_Sin did so heres my third list of who I wanted

S tier
The evil queen
Slinky dog
King louie

A tier
Davey Jones
Cheshire cat
Winnie the pooh
Gerald marlin and nemo

B tier
Hank and dory
Shan yu
Minnie mouse
Bunson and beaker

C tier
Flynn rider
Ian lightfoot
Honey lemon

D tier
Kristoff and sven
Li shang
John silver
Lock shock and barrel

F tier
Kim possible
Jim Hawkins
Capt. Ameilia
Magica dispell

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This is ranked after who I like the most.

Three best:

  • Mushu
  • Flynn Rider
  • Disgust

Three worst:

  • Davy Jones
  • Shan Yu
  • Dr Facilier


B&B, high damage to frontline.
Disgust, just the green skill is able to beat some heroes.
Cheshire Cat, his green skill can deal a lot of damage, also white skill is a main threat to enemies.
Captain Amelia, low max hp is the main problem for her.
Flynn Rider, it’s weak now, white and green skill cannot deal too much damage, also only sap is not enough for a control hero.
Powerline, at the start I think it’s very strong but I soon found his Max hp is too less to survive. Also he can start protect allies after 6 seconds, is too much.

Or one-shot a whole team…

So character itself, not their actual impact in-game?

If so…

Most happy about

  • Kim

  • Basil
  • Hard to tell… Fear or Honey Lemon

Least happy about

  • Powerline
  • Syndrome
  • Goliath

If counting on hero power and what they can do in fights…


  • Cheshire (too broken)
  • Ian
  • Mulan


  • Kim (seriously, 2019 stats, and no working negation and very poor evasion?? :face_vomiting:)
  • Basil (trash skill set and Randall disk and no negation and evasion)
  • Baloo (because of his not working white skill)
  • Tigger (same as Basil, but bouncing allows him to ignore damage/debuffs, so it’s a bit better)

He is control role hero, not damage.
And his main purpose is to block enemies from using active skill, which is successfully done. White skill does big damage, and as he steals energy, he can spam with it.

She got bigger HP than Kim… despite the fact she is older.


Top 3 favorite 2020 heroes

  1. Dr. Faciler

Faciler is my second favorite disney villain (right behind captain hook) and so seeing him come before the other princess and the frog characters was definitely a treat.

  1. Captain Amelia

At first…I didn’t think nothing about the arrival of captain amelia to the game…until I saw how underrated she is and grew to love her as a character and a fighter.

  1. King louie

I love king louie as a character, he is just so fun and funky and his song in the jungle book is a banger…and he is a neutral character guys…he is not a bad guy.

Top 3 worst 2020 heroes

  1. Fear

Fears animations are floppy and unnatural, I mean Jesus lord of louie he looks like a wacky wavy inflatable arm-flailing tubeman out there in the battlefield

  1. Chesire cat

Look…I did not mind chesire cat in the original movie but this game made the cat public enemy number 1 as he has one of the most broken movesets in the game…and that is why I hate him.

  1. Basil

Basil is the main character of the movie that SAVED the walt disney company from going bankrupt…and this is how perblue treats him. First of all, that’s depressing, second of all, this makes him the worst hero in the game as he has a terrible moveset and a terrible disk.

Late reply but here’s mines:


  • Dr. Bunsen & Beaker: I just think they’re very cool and they do good damage.
  • Lock, Shock, & Barrel: I think they’re good and I like their animations.
  • Cheshire Cat: He’s broken.


  • Kim Possible: We’ve waited so long for her… her stats ruined it.
  • Basil of Baker Street: You know why.
  • Mulan: She’s ok, imo I don’t like her animation.
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Honey Lemon’s are a lot worse, imo

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Agreed. She is such a treat character and they should have made her cooler… :confused: Especially the animations…

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