Who were the three best heroes and three worst heroes of 2020

To start off: Happy new year (adios 2020). This thread is about naming the best 3 heroes of 2020 and worst three of 2020. It doesn’t have to be on stats it can be on favorite characters or least. Anyway this thread is pretty straight forward. If you don’t know who released this year here Is the 2020 section from @Bluebandit93’s chronological hero release guide

Also honey lemon is there to

Anyway, happy new year and have a good year

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For me:


  • Cheshire Cat
  • Ian
  • Disgust/Fear (not sure)


  • Syndrome
  • Tigger
  • Kida

I think the answer is pretty obvious, so I’ll skip out on those heroes and list some of the other ones.


  1. Jumba (One shot wonder thanks to precise)
  2. Evil Queen (Another one shot wonder that takes out the more dangerous enemy)
  3. Powerline (Flexible with Blind and Freeze)


  1. Angel (Doesn’t deal a lot of damage)
  2. Goliath (Weak without RS or Maxed Disk)
  3. Kronk (Not bad, just annoying to use. White is RNG based and blue is definitely irritating.)

3 best:

  • Ian (massive damage)
  • Max (tough)
  • Disgust (death)

3 worst:

  • Basil (you know)
  • Hank & Dory (fragile and bilnds are weak)
  • Flynn Rider (weak)

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You misspelled Cheshire but I got your point.

I know they’re fragile, but don’t they blind for 14 seconds?

Surprisingly he deals less damage with his green than Kim.

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Yeah Flynn was my 4th pick for weakest. Maybe he’s weaker than Syndrome :thinking:

Flynn is great! My top three are:

  • Flynn
  • Maximus
  • Rapunzel
  • Disgust
  • Fear
  • Sadness
  • Kristoff & Sven

That’s a bit more than three but yeah they are my favourites to use :smile:

Flynn is probably #1 for me. I actually really like his skillset!

Bottom three, I don’t know. If it’s in terms of character, maybe LS&B, Silver & Davy Jones since I just don’t like them :sweat_smile:

My three favorites

  • Cheshire
  • basil
  • kronk

Least favorite

  • Kim
  • John silver
  • sadness
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3 Best/Favourite:

  • Slinky
  • Disgust
  • Winnie the Pooh

3 Worst/Least Favourite:

  • Captain Amelia
  • Jim Hawkins
  • John Silver
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3 Best:

  • Cheshire Cat(…)
  • Maximus(Very Bulky, Great Skills)
  • Ian(Mulan and Dash counters :eyes:)

3 Worst:

  • Basil (:grimacing:)
  • Kim (:pensive:)
  • Angel(Pretty Weak…)
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  • Cheshire
  • Disgust
  • Ian


  • Basil
  • Kim
  • Kida or Angel :thinking:
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In terms of in-game power… I’m generally confused. Amelia can deal a massive amount of damage and her skillset has a unique twist to it, specifically her active, since it can reset the cooldowns of blue skills (Slinky synergy :eyes:). Jim is a great source of energy, and is like a second Angel, practically reviving the ally who reaches 1 HP first. And John is like a second Maximus. Not as good, but he’s not that bad either.


In terms of my least favourite. Obviously they’re all good in the game but Grim said it didn’t have to be based off of stats.


You did say “worst” :man_shrugging:

I meant worst in terms of least favourite.

Oddly I’ve never seen any of them in combat. Literally not once.

So I guess they can’t be that good :sweat_smile:


I am more basing my answers off of how much I like the character rather than the hero because I quit. If anyone wants to question my answers, I would be happy to explain.

  • Belle
  • Ian
  • Rapunzel
  • Quite a bit more


  • Basil
  • Angel
  • Jim
  • A few others


  • Powerline (Death by blind)
  • Li Shang (Versatile and lots of buffs)
  • Gizmoduck (Buff machine gun)


  • Angel (Damage-less… 3 skills wasted on reviving.)
  • Goliath (A giant useless statue… only use is RS and disks. Otherwise, garbage!)
  • Fear (2 sec. Freeze immunity and 2 disable reflect and dread drainage and permanent scare and armor gain are… disappointing.)


  • Winnie The Pooh (Amazing heal tank)
  • Ian (Does insane damage and is so fun)
  • Maximus (Is my strongest hero and is crucial)
    (And Bunsen & Beaker bc I love Muppets)


  • Sadness (She was always my least favorite emotion, sorry)
  • Basil (Because he’s garbage)
  • Angel (I mean. Pink Stitch. That’s really it)

you totally forgot the Crit Reduction, which is just HIS schtick and why he´s godly

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