Who would you like to see in the Halloween update?

I thought of some Disney villains and put them in a poll I also had a fun time making this!

  • Cruella de vil
  • Clayton
  • Mother gothel
  • Claude frodo
  • Ratcliffe
  • Ratigan
  • Big bad wolf
  • Lotso
  • Stinky pete
  • Shere khan
  • Kaa
  • Pete
  • Madame medusa
  • Stepmother
  • King Candy
  • Yokai
  • Prince John
  • Chernabog
  • judge doom

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I know characters like doofenshrmtz and Henry Waternoose aren’t on the list but I could only have 20 choice’s

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I personally want cruella de vil and losto

Gothel yokai king candy and shego would want scroop in october so treasure planet will get more attention and love

I would love to see more darkwing villains!!!

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I would love to have quackjack and negaduck

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Yokai would have a awesome move set

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Holy cow I did not expect this many voters

It is Halloween and villains, 2 things Disney and the forums love.

Claude Frollo is the Judge from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Frodo is a hobbit from LOTR.

There’s too many to mention!

Shere Khan, Kaa, Ratigan, Clayton, the Lion King hyenas, Cruella, Mother Gothel, etc! :joy:

It won’t let me edit frollo so I basically gave up

Headless Horseman from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow (The Adventure of Ichabod and Mr. Toad) would also be a very Halloween choice for a villain.


Ell it’s kinda a two thinya know.

I don’t Like headless and horsemen. Lol

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Um, why would they be. Speaking of the horseman he would be awesome also I found this video of the headless horseman falling in the parks, the horse takes a nasty tumble but apparently he got back up and wasn’t injured, the horse was (apparently) good. I would also like to say Disney park fails are hilarious

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I want Horned king and Yokai


Alameda Slim would be who I want for Halloween

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Kaa is my man…er… snake.


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Scroop would definitely be a perfect addition in time for Halloween considering how terrifying and nightmarish he really is with his happearance, personality, and actions. He’s both one of the scariest and most underrated Disney villains of all time. He’s basically a huge alien spider.

So would be Cruella or Ratigan or Gothel…

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