Why are the cute avatars gone?


After the first update today, my avatar was changed from cute Merida into regular Merida, and cute Merida is nowhere to be found on the avatar select screen. Where did she go? Is she okay?


Do you mean the emoji avatars? :sweat_smile:


Yes, I’m pretty sure they all have the prefix ‘cute.’


Never used those, but I only have 4 emoji avatars now :thinking:


The emojis were not intended to be used as avatars and in anticipation of new Badges and Borders from Collections, we’ve restricted what’s available. There is an emoji item for some of the heroes (you can find it in your inventory), and that can be used as an avatar. Check out the list for everything that’s available!

Loss of avatar

How delightfully devilish of you. Thanks for the info, chief.


How to get that emoji item?


I guess they are available in contest, but there were no one since December :slightly_frowning_face:


Hey, maybe that’s something coming up with the anniversary update!


Perhaps we’ll be getting more brand-new Hero emojis…

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Yes, there is always some hope :smile:

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Some of those emoji were earned in early contests and removing them now seems wrong. Are we going to lose other rewards we earn down the road?


We didn’t remove any items from player’s inventories. There was a bug that allowed anyone to use those items as an avatar, even if they hadn’t earned it in a contest.


Well regardless of why this was done, I can tell you for certain that I have used mine for about a year straight and this is a pretty terrible PR move. It felt like a part of my game presence and after all this time poof it’s gone.

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Speaking of bugs, are all avatars we’re not supposed to be able to use yet supposed to be fully visible? I’ve noticed that there are a lot of avatars resembling badges that aren’t released on my server yet, and since the ones I can’t use aren’t grayed out or have any other sort of indication of not being available, it’s a lot of trial and error to find out which ones I am allowed to use.


@Grey_Neko_42 No, if you can’t use an avatar, it shouldn’t be visible in your avatar selection screen. If you do have avatars visible you can’t use, please send in a support ticket!

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