Why are we still getting guild contest tokens?

There is literally no point in them and it’s taking up a space where we could be getting some better in the progress rewards.

If your just keeping them for new guilds at least add another reward for guilds that have no use for them

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This, both clauses.

Would be nice if we had some more guild perks like been saying over and over and over again. Agree the guild coins are completely useless for guilds with all the perks.

Could make guild perks with contest points be double diamonds earned from videos/offers, increase stamania bank even more by up to 20%, start with up to 20 prize wall tokens at start of prize walls, increases invasion payout in tiers by up to 10%, increase contest scoring by 10% for members, auto gain mid day energy (ie don’t have to collect it if not on game on time or if locked out from collecting Becuase of game updating)…

I’ve been posting suggestions since year two of this game. But at last not a thing by pb yet (if ever).

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The bonus guild contest tokens could be used for some sort of useless-but-ok consumable in some capacity. Maybe gold, hero xp drinks or such.

I had, in the past, suggested a double normal campaign drop item as a consumable reward for guild contest tokens, but now that we have the double drop items in sign-in rewards, I don’t think that’s as beneficial. Maybe offer something that’s rather scarce in the game otherwise, like, say, 50 friendship mission speedups or 10 shop resets.

Eh we will still get one every 30 or 31 days. FtN is every 21 days. So you do in fact want a 3rd double drop in 2 months.

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