Why does Disney Hero Battle Mode Keep Overpowering the newer heroes like robin hood?

As a player who has only been playing for a month on this device, but like a year on another device, i had notice that the newer the hero, the more powerful, like ya we got weaker heroes like Miguel and Flynn (no offense if you like these heroes) but we got some really overpowered heroes like robin hood and Olaf

i’m not going to pass this of as my own idea sense somebody in sever 3 named DKTHUNDERBOY brought this topic up in chat (in-game so thanks)

Anyhow i started to wonder why and blue 2 2-star Ralph has a stun attack and so does a blue 2 2-stars robin hood also has a stun attack, but Ralph deals 500-1000 damage but robin hood deals like 2000-3000 damage

Actually I started using Robin Hood and harder to use than it seems at first glance. He sucks at archery lol

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That’s the main reason of hero refreshes Also, most heroes are in some way useful (like, Miguel and Olaf are great, but also Flynn has his strenght points). About Robin, yeah, he’s pretty OP. But you can compare every single hero with Ralph, and he/she will look at least great.

i’m going to say this, but Dash is pretty good at countering Robin hood

It is to incentivize you to spend money to get and power up that hero.

If older heroes were just as good as the new heroes there would be little reason to not only acquire but use the resources to power up the new hero, especially at speed which requires more resources and money.

As for comparing Ralph and Robin Hood’s blue skills. You are comparing apples and oranges. Ralph is a tank, Robin hood is damage. They have completely different stats and skill sets, as a damage hero Robin Hood’s skill should do more damage.

All that being said, Robin Hood is ok, not good, not great. Situationally useable.

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This is a normal strategy of all mobile games. It’s called a power creep. Let’s say you have heroes # 1-10. They get released slowly, so heroes 1,2,3 are all about the same power. When you release 4 you make them a little stronger, not enough to make people mad, but enough that they can beat 1-3. Then 5-6 come out, they are slightly stronger than 4. So now 1-3 are obsolete but people with 4 don’t notice because they are only slightly stronger again… Eventually you get to 10 and heroes 1-7 are obsolete. This makes people spend money to get new heroes and at the same time slowly increases the power creep so people don’t get too mad about it and quit from big power jumps.

But like someone else said, your example is comparing different types of heroes. It would be best to compare two of the same role to see a real difference.

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Because Ralph’s role is tank and Robin’s is damage.

  1. They both stuns which is control role hero specialization
  2. Robin have longest stun in game, 20s, sick.

However, Robin’s is still not great, he’s only good for single enemy on battlefield, and this game is about 5v5 so he, same as Elastigirl they aren’t good.

Ralph as tank doesn’t match his role, dies too quick, almost like any other tank while his in-put damage is really low, we need to wait for his hero refresh, very.

Ralph can probably a support tank as in a crowd control focused tank, but I agree on that Ralph is likely too weak to be the only tank on a team.

As for Robin Hood I don’t know too much about, but probably a hero that need the right team to work the most optimal as he is pretty single target focused from what I hear.

The power creep is to force you to spend money to keep up with other spenders. If you want to be No 1, you have to level these new heroes, and you have to do it NOW, before everybody else does.

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