Why does it take this much stamina to raid!?


Because “their data” says it’s the healthiest thing to do for their game no matter how much we beg to differ.


Because stamina regenerates so quickly lately, making 6 stamina a ridiculously low amount for raiding. It’s become super easy to upgrade heroes to the maximum rank in no time at all, so they wanted to make it a bit more difficult.

I’ve not yet reached those levels (due to some of the overpowered heroes in earlier levels) where these costs grow so I can’t really speak from experience yet, but in any case all my heroes have been upgraded to (my current) max rank since yesterday and now I’m already sitting on 2.5 million stamina I can’t use anywhere so I won’t mind that the cost increases


The % increase from all other levels to E6 is a game breaking change in my opinion.

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