Why doesn’t disney have villains anymore?

I’m seriously confused 🫤, like why the heck does disney not make villains anymore… It’s just not fun anymore, the last disney villain that was featured in a disney movie was Nammari from raya and the last dragon. No sign of a villain in Encanto, Strange World, Frozen ll or Ralph breaks the internet. I’m missing them!

But at least this year we’re getting a new villain in Disney’s Wish! Whoo.
I’m still sad tho

In recent years Disney has shifted to telling stories that are more grounded, which people can relate to easier.

Whereas previously conflict mostly came from the cartoony villains you wouldn’t find in real life, lately the conflict comes rather from an emotional and personal story.

Encanto kind of plays with this idea, with the family talking about Bruno like he’s a villain, where eventually it turns out he was misunderstood and Abuela is the one unwittingly causing conflict and eventually reconciling with the family.

That is much more realistic and relatable than some really villainous character causing the family’s issues.

Similar thing with Strange World where the conflict mostly comes from the 3 generations of the family not understanding each other.

I feel like Moana was kind of a turning point for Disney, where Tamatoa is still a lot like a classic Disney villain, but his role is limited to just one scene.

That doesn’t mean Disney never will or never should do such classic Disney villains anymore, but rather that they can provide more variety in the kinds of stories they tell.

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