WHY is every new hero absolutely OP compared to others released before them

Is it just me or every new hero released within the last month seem OP? Not saying they are un-counterable but their stats are through the roof.

The dmg numbers for Duke, Bo, Ducky&Bunny pale in comparison to others except for Arena king and queen Jack and Merida. This really pushing everyone to instantly use resources on new ones because every new one will be better than others before. Initally when new heroes were released, they weren’t instant op, there was a period of wait and watch and build the right team for them. New ones are just plug and play because they can do pretty much a lot of the heavy lifting themselves. I can’t speak for rafiki since I have not unlocked him yet but would love to know what everyone else thinks.


So you will spend REAL cash to build them up so you can stay relevant in the playing of this game. Look at the players who are already level 100, and have the newest heroes maxed out and packed with mods.the average person or the f2p doesn’t stand a chance. Latest update was for the whales and separate them further from the rest of the pack.

2 words- Power Creep.

Yes lol those words sum it up really well. But it is absolutely trash for the longevity of the game. Being F2P its hard as it is but now to find out OG toons like vanellope, elastigirl and others are useless and become more so with every passing update is annoying. There needs to be an update just to balance it

Seriously… The new thing since the release of goofy is the monthly pay to win contest (fortify the network) will give out chips to get the sign in hero to a higher star rank (Max for those who finish #1). I remember when Olaf, Maui, and others were first released, the chips for it became only available after the month was over be it the contest or crates.

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Why is this flagged?
I don’t see it breaking any rules. It isn’t off topic, inappropriate, or spam. Simply stating the facts, however they may be.

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They do it so you waste resources on that new hero and you need to spend money to get back the resources

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