Why is it always purple?

How come every time skill upgrade chips are offered, it’s almost always purple? Why is it never blue or green? Even the packs that are bought with money only include purple skill upgrade chips, and never blue or green. Why is that?!


Because blue and green are exclusive to other game modes

I doubt this will ever change though unfortunately

Mods are outdated anyway, and with each level increase they get less and less effective


Given that the topic is around

I assumed any reasonable person would know that I am not talking about skills, but mod upgrades

Apparently… I was wrong

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That’s what I mean. I want to upgrade my heroes’ skill power mods, to increase their blue or green skills, but I can’t because I can almost never find the chips for that. It’s always just purple. Even the ones they sell for money are always for purple skill and never blue or green.

You get them in Invasion and Challenger rewards


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This should have been changed a lot time ago. We have 200+ heroes in the game now and completely insufficient resources to equip them to allow a playable shape.

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