Why is my city watch so hard?



There is an Orange Moana And an Orange Sulley. And i dont even have Orange yet!!


Because the game is programmed to make some battles tougher by leveling up heroes if you keep winning. Just lose on purpose to make them weaker.


That’s true for infections, not City watch. OP, search the forums for strategies on how to win CW. It may take more than one fight to beat the last battles.


City watch is based on your top five heroes power. Try uneqipping friend discs so none of your top 5 have them before you reset city watch then reequip them before fighting. It will lower the levels of the defenses.


I can 100% win every hard CW with strategy, even if people in section five are level 170+. There are many guides on how to do this in the forums. Never rely on one team to beat it, you need to charge skills and keep them full at the wnd of rounds, for example.


@Agent_Incredible Thanks for correcting me on that, I wasn’t sure if it worked that way despite me running a test. A test in which I used my usual team & lost, lost on purpose a couple of times & then started winning again.


Obviously you are a pro. But most players are just not that good in either skills or strategy. Most of them will be pissed off after several days of lossing.


I wouldn’t say most players aren’t good, all it takes is a little thought. The only people that should have so many issues are those that think they should be able to beat anything in the game with whatever random characters they want or ignore all advise about working on your roster evenly.

Anybody especially that’s on these forums, reddit, or discord should know at least a little CW strategy just from reading posts


I am a pro, but that’s because I read up on strategy and pick heroes with skills that work well in CW.

If people look for guides they can also be pros. But some people would rather complain than go searching for the answers.


You get even better results, when unequiping more than just top 5.


And try using bogo for those battles since the most of CC doesnt affect them, Bogo survive very well. Bogo has been very usefull for me. Quorra isn’t good for those fights since her purple skill doesn’t help. I have to fight vs lvl 100+ sometimes level 170, even 200+ but with the correct heroes u can do it.


Who’s Quorra :joy:
I’m in server14 and none of them have been released yet…


I had the same problem with a 5 star orange Moana who was at level one hundred