Will Baloo chips ever be made available?

I got lucky and unlocked my Koslov hero by finding some chips in the 20hour market.

Then I looked at what disc I wanted

and released I was missing one other bear!

Does anyone know if his chips will be provided in a market someday?
Or Guild Crates?
Somewhere I can find them easily.

FYI, I don’t count StoryMode as easily because the enemy level cap keeps exceeding my ability to defeat them.
It’s probably even worse now that they raised the cap 10 levels and my server is due to be absorbed by another server soon.

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Currently, the only way to get his chips is from the rotating Coliseum crates.

But I think I speak for many of us when I say that I hope this changes soon.


It took me a while to unlock Baloo, I really wanted him bad. Myeong is right however, he is in Coliseum Crates, so for now patience is key.

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