Will Costume Threads be used another way in the future?


I wonder if costume will enhance heroes’ stats or abilities in the future? If not, I would like to sell all my costume threads because I don’t have enough gold.

I am currently level 86 and trying to level up Scar and Maleficent. I have spent around 10m in one week and level up their skills to 50 , I can’t even survive the first of of their friend campaign? Now I can only level up 4 skills level for each of them everyday … I feel so frustrated.

Forgive me if I am not paying for gold because I don’t want to create perblue’s so called “inflation”. @Polaris

Can anyone help how to make more gold any other ways???


I’ve sold badges. Kinda regretted it afterwards when I reached a point where I wanted to finally Enhance, but I kinda needed that


I thought it would be interesting if the costumes were added by the hero armor and reality.


But right now it just changes the appearance , right?
I want to sell them all. I can get 2 million gold.


Badges are kinda valuable. I don’t want to sell even one bit


I surely hope they stay as a cosmetic only change. Any real boost would be unfair; the only way to obtain threads is from contests, which are usually just another “Fortify my Paycheck” where it’s a matter of who spends more.


I’m with you on this @The_Eavesdropper, either cosmetic only, or they need to make them more accessible


I myself would love to have a suit of armor that could sheild me during battle only if it gave me 1 or 2% protection it would be worth buying I once paid 4000 diamonds for a spaghetti suit for Magic Dragon thinking it had some sort of protection I stayed kicking myself in the behind for 5 years. Cosmetic my foot, that was the ugliest thing I ever waisted diamonds on & you best believe you me the last! Boy oh boy did I learn my lesson. Nothing is fair in life & if someone pays 4000 diamonds for a suit of armor it ought to protect against something. 1% or 2% shields or something that’s what people pay $$$ for. Not Fair? Everything is Not Fair what’s the difference?


I agree. Their should be some sort of armor or shield incorporated onto the threads not just a useless Item.


Yes it should be more accessible & it should be worthwhile & protection of something like enchantment of that hero’s powers when wearing that piticular suit. Against different foes you could have whole wardrobes to wear against different toons.


Costumes should just be costumes end of


Hero threads should change to ‘Costume tokens’ and make new shop which will sell threads for all heroes which have a costume. Now threads are only available from contests, it’s easy to collect more threads than needed but selling for gold is pointless.

@Polaris, could you create a new shop, Costume shop. With update bringing this all over stacked threads should have availability to exchange for tokens.


I have already sold all the costume threads, few skill levels up then I am broke again.