Will Jack Sparrow Leave The Game?

I been thinking. Since this whole fiasco with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, Disney had cut all ties with him. This, in turn, excludes his iconic role as Jack Sparrow from any future Pirates of the Caribbean projects. Going as far as taking him out of the original attraction.

This got me wondering, in light of all the controversy, will Disney ask PB to take Jack Sparrow out of DHBM?

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I highly doubt that that would be the case, even though Johnny Depp had played the role as Jack Sparrow and Disney has cut ties with them, I believe that they will still continue to use his likeness since Jack Sparrow is such a widely popular characters. Even though they may have cut ties doesn’t mean they can still bank off the character alone, even without Johnny. It could be possible but I just don’t see them letting go and erasing Jack Sparrow from existence since he plays such a large role in movies and to the people that enjoy watching him even due to controversy.


Probably not

Disney just stopped endorsing Depp because it’s “the right thing to do in the eyes of social media”.

They’re still holding on to the money Jack Sparrow brings in, of course.


They better NOT!


Since they forced to remove game from Russia… but I doubt they will do it.

@Loutre it won’t happen, yes/no?


We have not been told to remove Jack Sparrow.


Given Disney’s use of Johnny’s likeness in work that incorporates his characters, I find it unlikely.

Besides, the guy’s already on a roll, trailing flying colors right now.


Well I just got him to red

Is johnny depp attached to jack as a character? If not i dont see the big deal with this. Hes been pretty much replaced in kingdom hearts 2 with james arnold taylor as jack sparrow and i guess another person is reprising the role in kingdom hearts 3
The jack sparrow perblue is using is a cartoonified version that doesnt reeally have depps voice or face

Besides it would be like erasing Jack from all 5 films. Absolutely impossible. And likely now they will even try to lure Johnny Depp into another Pirates film.

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Nope, the pirates hear to stay.

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