Will Ralph ever be Op!?

You guys know that Ralph is so bad so I have a question for all of you do you think that Ralph will ever get a hero refresh and get buffed?


This a question


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As Polaris said before, starter heroes are not to be buffed.

Okay I will make the answer

Sponcer by you

Why? That doesn’t make sense to me.:confused:

Because it “ruins” the game experience for new players

I don’t think it makes sense to anyone


Honestly Ralph kind of sucks as a starter, he is always the first to KO despite his damage.

Out of all the starters, Elastagirl and Frozone are the best.

I personally think Ralph should be buffed or at least make it so he isn’t the first one knocked out jeez!

He gets knocked out too quickly.


EG is only good for Invasion, I think. Frozone is also bad.

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To be fair they are starters. Starters are rarely good. Except in Pokémon for some reason.

I feel refreshing older characters like Tia Dalma and Mr. Incredible and not refreshing the starters would make for a worse starting experience. And if they mean just changing the experience rather than ruining it, the game is already incredibly different from when I started. And wouldn’t having better characters make them happier to play?

Maybe it’s because if they have better characters they won’t hit a wall as quickly and won’t spend money as quickly as they would if they do hit a wall.

They liked idea of buffing red skills of older heroes, to make them better later on.

But obviously… it ended only on words and promises.

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i consider him an f-tier

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Thatwas shank

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I know right?

I’ve long since ditched Ralph. And the other starters, have my own unique team now!

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No, they gave him low HP so he could die more often and make you so sad you trick yourself into wasting your life savings on a better tank hero

Sadly like all free games, they need to make money somehow though I don’t mind supporting the game as long as it’s not all my savings and is fairly cheap.

Yeah, that’s 100% understandable. I was just taking a guess as to the reason why. I’m still going to play and enjoy the game even if the starters never get refreshed.

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