Wish crates?

Hello everyone was wondering if the game had the wish crates removed??? My boyfriend kept his free crates to decide which hero to use them on and now he’s decided, he can’t find them… Are they still in the game, are we just stupid and not looking in the right place??? Thanks!!

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The event for wish crates had ended a bit ago but they’ll be accessible in the future.


They’re removed for now, and will (or maybe not) come back soon.


They will come as they mentioned that they have added yellow badges in wish crates.

Thanks everyone!

For now the wish crates are out but maybe they will be back in the future

Dijeron que las iban a sacar esa vez pero las Iván a quitar y en el futuro las pondrian de nuevo

It will come back in 3.0 update

That’s… not true. :confused:

Ok maybe (10 characters)

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… They did that because they wanted to get feedback on the Wish Crates before they re-implement them as a permanent feature.

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The crate was great

The content in the Wish Crate are good yeah, but the price feeling too high for people to be interested in purchasing the Wish Crate :-).
That’s the issue.

Yah it is a little bit expensive but I get 600+ a day

So you are okey with having to wait 16-17 days between each time you can do a 10x Wish Crate pull/draw, as in like only getting to by 10 Wish crates every 16-17 days?
(If 16-17 is correct based on my math).

Just asking to know if that’s okey for you :-).

I know (10 characters)

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