Wish fountain, idea

Hello, in this post, I will propose my ideas for the wishing well, and crate.


At level 10, the wishing well will be unlocked.

how it works

Once you click it, it will look similar to the crate system, you will see 3 things, from left to right.

  1. A spinning wheel,
    Each day you get a free spin, which could be these.
    Diamonds, gold, cosmetic crates, raid tickets and trial/port resets.
  2. Fountain of wishes.
    For 100 raid tickets, a special gift will come out, these gifts can range from diamond crates to full badges and double drops, you can only buy 5 a day.
  3. Wish crate
    For 1000 diamonds, you will get a large screen with 100 options for diamond crates you can pick up to 5 items and keep them. (Free crate every week.)

I can see a downside to this, such as simulated gambling, but I think it’d be nice extra mode.
Feedback would be nice. And suggestions on anything :yum:


I’ll just say, I love how you found a new use for raid tickets.
Tbh selling them for 10 gold each doesn’t help at all

After a certain VIP level, you don’t get raid tickets from fighting campaign so many players would be unable to use this. :thinking:

Also, seems a lot like Musk’s idea


I thought you still got them just don’t need them.

Very similar :grimacing: sorry musk! I haven’t seen that topic before I do not believe… And now I see he posted it just a few minutes ago in a DM…


Actually yeah… I still get them…

You might get a few from quick crafting, but it takes about a week to accumulate ~50 of them.

What if 500 of them could be traded for +1 VIP level (non-stacking) for 12h?


No you won’t get them. At least I haven’t got any since I sold the 300 I had and didn’t need anymore. As of vip 3 that is the situation.

Also, quick crafting is available from vip 5 and as vip 4 I’m not there.

So really the second option would take too long for anyone vip 3 and above. So maybe that should be something different.

I do very much like the first option/thing though. All of those rewards (minus raid tickets) seem worth it

I think you’re a little too late to propose an idea for how it’ll work :eyes:

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