Wish list new

Just a list of ideas for upcoming heroes. The gummi bears , Duke igthorn. Cavin. Toadie.
Bagheera. Sher khan. Kaa. Mowgli.
The horn king, taran, gurgi. Fleuder flynn.
Pluto,pete,Jose carioca. Hitchhiking ghosts.
Ajax the Gorilla. Humphrey the bear. The bootle beatle.
Bushroot.nega duck .morgana macabre .honker.
Bonkers. Shnookum and meat. Pith possum. Duckworth. Glomgold.beagle boys. Rat and moley. Thaddeus toad. Icahbod crane and braum bones. Headless horseman. Oswald. Daisy. Ludwig von drake. Gyro gearloose.bigfoot from goofy movie. Smee. Rescue Rangers.

You have my attention.

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PB has confirmed that they will not add any characters from attractions

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