Woody Refresh Concept

You already know his kit is super outdated and other characters have taken bits and pieces from Woody’s kit but even better. I am perfectly aware that older characters must be weaker than newer ones, this is just one of those food for thought posts.

For these suggestions it adds or modifies what Woody does.

Giddy-Up: Speed duration increased from 5 to 6 seconds, basic attack boost is increased in skill scaling.

Lasso: Now applies the “Bullseye” effect on the target, Woody gains basic attack damage every successful “Lasso”. 50% is carried over to the next wave.

Favourite Deputy: Changed, this ability now instead causes Woody to do his “victory” animation and gives all allies 10% attack speed buff for 8 seconds at the start of combat.

Bullseye: Healing from “Bullseye” is incredibly increased.

Round Em’ Up: When Woody gets KO’d he gives 25% of his basic attack damage to all his allies until the end of wave.
This ability has a chance to fail when ally level is higher than #.

Friendship Disks: Both skill power upgrades give more than before.

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