Woof, Woof, Woof (Renee Character Concept) (Pixar Short Contest Submission)

Here you go @Imagineer_V, here is my entry.



Source: Loop

Role: Support

Position: Back

Trial Team: Red

“Woof, woof, woof”

Renee uses the ringtone on her phone to supply her allies with support.

Entrance: arrives on a canoe

Victory: Plays the ringtone on her phone

Defeat: Hides under the canoe

Basic Attack: produces soundwaves that gives allies energy

White Skill: Loop: Renee ringtone produces three green soundwaves which heals three allies.

Green Skill: Making Waves: Renee rocks the canoe creating waves that push frontmost enemies down a position

Blue Skill: Reeding Them In: Renee brushes against reeds, healing her.

Purple Skill: Soaked: Adds slow debuff to Makin Waves

Red Skill: Woof, Woof, Woof: Loop gives allies a random buff to allies.



Campaign: Bearin with it: Baloo is Renee’s friend for the day as part of the junior officer program, and take her on patrol with him.

Disk: Big Bear Growl: additional soundwaves to basic


Campaign: A Canoe Ride: Moana takes Renee for a ride in her canoe

Disk: Rockin’ the Boat: More waves to Makin’ waves


Thanks for submitting.

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Now that is just rude. There is a difference between feedback and being rude. This concept is good. Now please stop until you have something worthwhile to say.


Is that intentional or a typo?

Oops, that was typo.

It’s a new hero category: Traitors

Traitors? What you talkin’ about Willis

Huh? Who is Willis? Is that a movie quote or something?

Sorry, Different Strokes reference. Anyway. What do you mean by traitors?

She betraying her allies and healing her enemies, just a joke.

Oh… Okay.

If we want to talk about useless concepts we should look at yours

Do not respond to the spammer with more unkindness. Fighting is getting us nowhere. But you are correct.


I made this concept because this character means alot to me.


AND that relates to the Pixar contest so well OMG. Pixar is all about making highly relatable and emotional stories (their movies always make me cry). I am glad you made this concept then.

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