World Lion Day!

I know it’s not yet August 10 in other countries, but here is August 10 here already so I will be posting a World Lion Day awareness thread.

Many of us (me included) still don’t know that the lion species are declared Vulnerable. Vulnerable means they are close to being endangered unless an action will be made to help them survive this harsh world. Yes, they were on the top of the food chain like what Timon said but due to some people hunting lions and occupying their habitat, looks like they were losing their power in the wild, and the next generation of lions are in great danger.

I created this to raise awareness of the lions’ current status. Their population is decreasing, and the time might come where we cannot see a real lion anymore. We can do something about it. Let us not support any activities that is harmful for them. And taking an effort to know their current status is enough. Again, Happy World Lion Day!


I think the classic one is good. The only thing I like about the live action is the lion sleeps tonight


I like both versions. I understand the way the remake is made.
Simba and Stitch are friends!


Seems like Stitch is friends with all of the Disney characters.


Happy Lion Day from the US!


There are lionesses in Africa that abandon their cubs because of scarcity. They don’t even share the hunt to their cubs if the hunt is too few!

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That won’t be a problem for Sarabi! Her neck is so long that she’ll be able to catch food super easily!


Sarabi is a giraffe.


Are you lion (lying) to me?

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10 roaring characters


Perblue, add Simba now so that Rafiki can lift him up, and Scar will hate him so much, and Timon & Pumbaa will dance while singing. lol

Lol do funny

The remake was pretty good. Some of the dialogue was a little rough, but I liked it in other aspects. One thing I didn’t care for was Mufasa’s death. He sounded like he was ordering him/bossing him around rather than pleading for help to his brother.

I think Rafiki prefers to lift Stitch!

Uh oh, has Simba been replaced by Stitch? I think so!

Hmm, would Stitch believe Mufasa about the stars being past kings story?


To me, that actually looks more like Simba than Mufasa. I think it’s the narrower muzzle.

Yeah I think one website said it’s simba but I wanted to make the joke of Simba being replaced

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@TherMasterStitch, so instead of Scar, Simba will fight Stitch. And Stitch will fall on the cliff and will be eaten by the hyenas? lol

Haha Stitch is too smart and strong for Simba! Stitch can think faster than a supercomputer, is bullet proof, fire proof, and can see in the dark! Simba would never want to fight Stitch since he knows he’d lose!
See how scared Simba is? He wouldn’t stand a chance…

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