Worst Heist Host [Poll]

I know that heist isn’t a popular gamemodes these days. I can think of some reasons such as: long gameplay (took 5-15 mins for me everyday), bad heist palyers, boring gameplay, and many others. I myself still do Heist everyday for the sake of Disk Power.

I still does heist everyday on maximum difficulty, don’t really care whether it’s a rush or covering diamonds, as long as it takes less than 15 minutes to finish. However, lately i’m getting more and more annoyed with bad Heist hosts.

I would like to hear others opinion on bad Heist hosts, and I would also like to encourage people to stop joining these bad Heist in order to stop them from doing it again.

From my experience, here are some bad Heist hosts trait on the poll below. I personally really annoyed with option C (Host starts Heist with just 1 player (himself), DID NOT move all 5 heroes at all, and do nothing until the end), a free loader who contribute nothing and expect other players to carry the Heist for him. I try to avoid this when I’m looking for a Heist to join. However, I still see some players join this kind of Heist and finish the Heist so that the host gets “free” rewards. I would like to encourage the readers in the forum to avoid joining this kind of host to discourage them from doing it again.

Do you have any other bad experience with Heists? Please do share it so we can avoid them.

Worst Heist Hosts:

  • A. Host kicks players for no apparent reason, without any warning or sending any message at all in the Heist chat
  • B. Host starts Heist with just 1 player (himself), put all 5 heroes on gem, and do nothing until the end
  • C. Host starts Heist with just 1 player (himself), DID NOT move all 5 heroes at all, and do nothing until the end
  • D. Host did not specify whether it is gonna be a Rush Heist or not in the Heist title, later starts ordering players to do what he wants, and kicks those who do not comply
  • E. Others, please share

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Lol I do solo heists these days, nothing to worry about much :sweat_smile:

Well… maybe except when there’s an event and I have to help guildies.


This, 1000%. You’re better off starting your own heist and waiting/hoping for players to join, rather than being in a heist where the host’s heroes are useful only if the thief happens to show up near them. And even then, there’s no guarantee their heroes will be strong enough for the heist. If people would stop rewarding such flagrant laziness and instead ignore them, we’d start to see fewer heists of this ilk dropped in the listings like dog poop.

As for the others, (A) only bothers me if they wait until almost the end to kick players; if they kick me 30 seconds after joining, well, at least I didn’t waste time helping out an apparent jerk. And (B) doesn’t really bother me; the only issue is if they aren’t even monitoring the heist, and the rest of the players, realizing they won’t get kicked, also decide to just stop doing anything. I’ve never run into (D), but would put them in the same class as (A).

As for (E), there’s one other type of host I’ve encountered that was annoying: The host that guards 5 diamonds, but whose heroes are so weak that you need to post your own heroes right next to theirs to avoid losing diamonds when the thief KO’s their hero after three seconds. If your heroes are that weak, please, just join other people’s heists until you’re strong enough to at least hold out 20-30 seconds in a thief fight.

Anyway, I still mostly enjoy Heist; 99% of the time we’re done in 7-9 minutes, and it gives me a chance to use heroes I don’t have leveled up and to sometimes see quirky behavior due to the unusual gameplay. (Did you know that if you summoned Gadget to a fight, she’ll fire off her opening plungers even before walking onto the screen?)


To answer the question, to me, it’s all of the above and to share my experience and opinions.

1st of all. A. Yeah. these can get annoying because when the host kicks players with no reasons without warning or sending any message at all in the heist chat. this makes them the bad host. you can’t reserve a spot and heroes for a friend and guildies

2nd, B. yeah this is also annoying, but they end up not starting the thief on their own until someone joins in and able to start the thief fight.

3rd, C. yeah another annoying thing. When they start on their own, they never move at all until someone joins in

4th, D. well that all depends on what the host wanted, but they never respond if they want full heist or a rush or speed run heist

and lastly, E. whenever a heist is hosted, the heist didn’t even start by the host and then the host ends up being afk / idling or disconncted or crash and then what they’re doing is holding up the ppl and then ppl will start to leave if the host holds up the ppl for too long. The other part is when people pull heroes from the gems and we tell them to stop pulling, they just refuse to listen. Last part was when manticore with mushu’s disk is nearby, she gets pulled regardless of the distance without the person who started the fighting knowing that the other player’s manticore will kill the enemies and do the work for them.

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A and E to me sound similiar, ie lack of communication. But I’ll vote A Becuase know people who been through that joining random hiests that they come asking me if I did mine yet so they can get their daily in.

As someone who invites people to hiests even if at last minute to just help people get their dailies in, none of these really bother me and I like hiest can be full and fast at same time with right people so can do other modes too. What bothers me the most is not the hosts if join others , mainly Becuase I join those I trust if join someone else’s.

What bothers me more is people who join other peoples’ hiests and don’t follow directions of the host when they said it several times, and not by accident. Too many times a host said full circles and someone clicked the hideout and didn’t speak up like “sorry fat fingers, etc”. Kinda be nice for hosts to see who fights what.

Again just my opinion. The only thing wish for hiests is it be a contest type instead of two ftn types and/or the disk power was greater.

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