Wreck it Ralph challenge

Completed 3 wreck it Ralph surges and they have not counted towards my challenge Even though it says mercenaries count towards the challenge so I should get credit for hiring and using wreck it Ralph in surge battles

Did you use only Wreck it Ralph characters or were there other characters in there when you won the fight? If there were then they won’t count towards the challenge.

Hmmm I’m not sure because I was only paying attention to the fact that I made sure to have wreck it Ralph characters in the surge now that I think of it I used my high powered characters and hired the lower level wreck it Ralph mercenaries I think I’ll go redo the surges hoping it works and I just feel like a goon and can continue this week’s challenges :rofl: thank you :blush:

No problem. You can check which characters you used if you go to the attack log for the surge (under guild info on the surge screen). Find the correct fight and click on the I to the right, then you’ll see your selected lineup.
Remember, just one non wreck it Ralph character will void the attempt for the challenge.

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