Wrong Elsa upgraded Mod?

Hello, I would like to know if I messed up my Elsa by upgrading a skill mod on her purple skill which is only a skill based on level…? :cry:

Is it completely useless ? Is there a way to sell, modify or delete the mod ? :disappointed:

It isn’t. It increases the fail level, which is OK. But you can’t delete the mod. You can equip it to someone else but u need to unequip the mod from her first

I have a purple skill upgrade on Elsa just so the bonus damage always works in Arena but if you want you can unequip the mod and give it to someone else, on the blue team, for 25 hero chips.

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It is useless :neutral_face:

Especially when it is close to the server’s max level


Have done same mistake On Peter Pan , Hook , Bo Peep.
Yeah Its useless if Ur near server MAX Cap.
Sometimes this may help in SuRge CW.

I think I agree with @The_Death_Note. Maybe consider moving the mod to someone else from Elsa’s team

Thanks for your answers !

I’m lvl 123 on Server 21 wich max cap lvl is 140 atm.
I didn’t know that we could swap an upgraded Mod to another hero so I guess I will transfer to someone else :grin:

Thanks again !

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Personally I don’t think it’s necessarily a problem. As people have already said, if the skill is already at (or near) level cap it won’t make a massive difference in PvP, but if not it is useful. It also gives you a buffer when the level cap increases.
Where it really comes in useful is in invasion, it will scale as you add power ups to Elsa and allow you to deal more damage to higher power enemies. It will also increase your chances of super critical in all game modes.

Change it for a different mod if you don’t think it’s right for you but it’s definitely not fair to call the upgrade useless.

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Dont unequip now but when u are too nearer to cap then surely disequip…

It’s not useless. If you’re not at max level it helps you tremendously of you’re forced to face someone who is max level. Also, we all know CW and infected regions are notorious for having toons waaayyy over the level cap, youre actually helping yourself in those aspects when you have upgrades on level locked skills.

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Then they’re useless :man_shrugging:

You aren’t gonna spend a lot of your mod upgrades just to beat an enemy In CW that is 40+ levels above you. It isn’t worth it.

You only need a +10 level mod if you are below the server cap by more than 10 levels


I have moved the purple mod to another Blue hero ( Hades seems to be a good choice )

With the XP event this weekend, I have managed to get some lvls and the mod was about to be kinda obsolete then.

Thanks again for your help ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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