WTF character ideas


Who here has some interesting WTF character ideas?


Flit (Pochantas)
Sir Hiss (Robin Hood)
Brer Rabbit (Song of the south)
Gurgi (Black Cauldron)
Jake (Rescuers Down Under)


… I hAVe nO iDeA!!!


Kuzco( the emperor’s new groove)
Fred( big hero 6)
Donald duck


Fred dosen’t sound dat of a WTF idea. But hey, Dats ur opinion. :wink:


What about chicken little


Ok, now dat is a WTF idea.


Xd chicken Little legit had at least seven animals die within the first 20 minutes of the movie…the water tower that crushed the theater. Everyone in there died.


Al McWhiggin
Owner of Al’s Toy Barn, Al is a greedy toy collector who damages enemies on the battlefield.

“I can’t believe I have to drive all the way to work on a Saturday. All the way to work!”

Entrance: Al walks on the battlefield counting his cash and puts it away for the upcoming battle.
Defeat: Al’s camera breaks and looks sad afterwards.

Basic Attack: Al uses his camera to flash the nearest enemy.

White Skill: “It’s Showtime!” Al takes multiple photos dealing all enemies _ damage and blinds all enemies for 5 seconds. (Normal)

Green Skill: “50 Bucks For Him” Al rolls a skateboard across the screen damaging all enemies for _. (Normal)

Blue Skill: “Skip The Shower” Al becomes nervous and gains 5% attack speed for every KO’d ally.

Purple Skill: “Just Like New!” Al revives himself once restoring _ amount of HP and gains 250 energy.


Now dat is a perfect WTF idea.


How about the three hyenas and Zazu? Their attacks should include the Birdy Boiler.


Al…XD fighting with toys on his side! Thhe same toys he chose to sell but disappeared XD


I secretly want Al in the game :joy:


That is creepy…like imagine him in a corner with the other villains? XD


I think the other villains will laugh at the poor chicken man. Only thing he’s got going is the ability to skip showers :laughing:


And not even that PU! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Bowler hat guy / Goob from meet the Robinsons


I dunno but I think its WTF


or tiger lily she could be WTF


To me those are WTF but you guys can say!