Yang (redo) (Yin Yang Yo)

With Karate and Woo Foo,Yang comes in and kicks the creaps butt
Team: Blue
Role: Midline Damage
Quote: “It’s gonna be almost dead!”

Entrance: He jumps from the sky in a Kung fu pose
Victory: raises his sword and puts his tumb up
Defeat: Drops his sword in frustration

Basic Attack: hits the enemy’s with his sword

Foo-Nado!: Yang spins around with his sword like a turnado all over nearby enemy’s dealing with X damage.

Power fist: Yang’s fist gets enormous and sets out a Big punch to the 3 closest enemies knocking them back, dealing with X damage.

Yang-A-Ring: Yang sets out a boomerang going all over the 3 furthest enemies for 6 seconds dealing with X damages.

Karate rabbit: When yang is closed to being KO once, he becomes Berserk for X seconds and gains Full Hp

Take That: Whenever yang is using the “Yang-A-Ring” to Damage three of the farthest enemies, he throw one to an enemy that defeated one of his allies, stunning them for 6 seconds

Each time Yang uses “Foo Nado”, Yang will mostly go for the enemy that defeats one of his allies


Yang and Mulan
Allies (Moana Ian and Goliath)
Campaign: A Sword master - Yang shows Mulan all his Kung fu skills he learned from master Yo and Mulan liked it, except she believes he would need more help using his sword so she helped him.
Disk: Strong Sword
Disk memory: Yang would have the ability to break shields when he’s using “Foo-Nado!” And “Take That”
Disk power: Skill power

Yang and Finnick
(Dash Buzz and Violet)
Campaign: Being a cool kid - Finnick gives Yang a ride in his car and while he was driving, Yang uses his sterio to do his dance and Finnick wanted him to do something better than that.
Disk: Cool T-Shirt
Disk Memory: Yang takes No damage in the beginning of battle

Disk Power: Invincibility for 6 seconds

(I had to redo Yang because a lot was missing)

You are missing the skill names


And what if none allies are dead? :thinking:

Why taking damage would be a good thing?..

For how much time?
Decent concept.


In all honesty, there’s… still quite a few issues with this concept:

Since these are the same thing, you don’t need to say it twice.

You mean “knocking them back”?

… So is this a damage over time effect? Your wording is confusing.

This is broken, especially if he’s activating it every time he gets “close to being KO’d”, whatever that specifically means.

This is… confusing to say the least.

This is also confusing.

You also need to specify what type of damage your White, Green, and Blue skills do.

You need to adjust this effect so it is upgradable with disk stars.

… You either mean “basic damage” or “Skill Power”. One or the other.

What is the point of this other than triggering his Berserk status? If you’re trying to emulate Demona’s infinite revives, this + his Purple Skill is not a great way to do it.

How long is this invincibility? And when does it trigger?

This is definitely better than last time, but there is still a lot that could be improved.

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