Yellow team invasion for newbs?

Anyone can recommenr a good team for invasion boss for yellow team?

Im level 70, so red skills and most of disks are unfortunately out of question…

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The key disk for Yellow is Elastigirl’s JJ disk which you can get already - use her with Mim plus some ways to stay alive. Kida, Li Shang and Maximus are good choices that don’t rely on disks to be useful.


Lucky elastigirl’s JJ disk is so easy to get then.

Any alternatives for Mim and Kida maybe? Don’t own those 2 heroes sadly.

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Ah, Mim is by far the best hero for it - you could try with some other strong fantastic damage dealers but won’t be nearly as effective. If you can get her, she doesn’t need to be strongly levelled up - just needs to be at least Blue rank so she can chomp the bot for 35%

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We kinda still have to see. Last yellow invasion my Mim didnt do all that well, even after the fix.
Used mushu over her instead. This time, well see how it goes.

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Is the invasion suppose to start like 10 minutes ago or am I confused? It didn’t start on my server (18)


It won´t start until 2.7 update is released. So likely 24h from now.


Where do you see that announcement? My game was counting down the invasion like it was going to start at 11 like normal & then it just went away?

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Here it is for you.


Elastigirl jack jack disk is to cut reality on bots. This means that the mims damage is directly dependent on Elastigirl’s JJ disk stars

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They also pushed an announcement to you’re game two days ago

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Thank you!!

I use a Study team. Maximus, Basil, Robin Hood, Davy Jones, and Mushu for fantastic damage. My Basil and Hood do good damage

Well sadly we started March with red invasion instead of yellow.

But thanks for the advice, seems like Mim’s one good option. Will use mushu temporarily when it comes to yellow invasion i guess… altho the silence dmg bonus might not work on mamabot

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