Yellow xp drinks locations

I kinda just wondered, while people have seen certain things wrong with the game or that could be added. I’ve seen barely anything about the mega mart, and I kinda thought, why are no Yellow xp drinks sold there and I just hope eventually that could be added. Just because those items are so hard to find right now. I only have 26 total and I just don’t think they’re that easy to get a hold of. If I’m correct I think they’re available in the port but not in any red ranks, now if I remember right I got some red xp drinks before I had anyone at red

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Ok and interesting

The Colossal XP Drinks (that’s what the yellow XP Drinks are called) do have a chance to drop from the Campaign if you raid a stage multiple times using the Raid 10x or Raid Max buttons. But you have to have a ton of stamina in order to be able to raid enough to obtain a substantial amount of the drinks. I would be in favor of them appearing in the Mega Mart as well.

The red ones are available in the mega mart so it only seems right for the yellow.

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Why would yellow XP drinks be better than red ones, anyway?

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They give more XP per drink than the red ones, so it takes less of them to get a hero up to the really high levels than it does with the red drinks.

Huh, I thought I was the last player to manually use XP drinks to level heroes up, rather than just using the +1/+10/+all buttons…

And if the Mega Mart offered 6 of the yellow drinks, instead of 48 of the red drinks, you would prefer that?

Well maybe if the Mega mart usually gives about or around 35 red xp drinks I’d think maybe 25 would be good or 20 for the yellow xp drinks considering almost everything at the mega mart costs diamonds.

Oops I was way off 35 is too far off a guess from 48.

Ah, so it’s not that you want the bigger drink sizes, it’s that you want more XP for the same amount of diamonds. Got it.

Well if necessary to do so at all it could cost maybe 50 more diamonds, because I’ve been doing raids repeatedly for days since I heard they can be gotten in raids but didn’t find any.

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