Yesss connect

Description Yesss owner of Buzztube is ready to throw hearts at the enemies on the battlefield

Quote guess I forgot to tell Ralph that when you break the internet you don’t literally have to break the internet

Role support

Trail Blue

Position middle

Entrance walks in battlefield

Victory pulls hearts

Defeat gets angry


White skill going trending passive instead of a basic attack Yesss throws allies a stack of hearts everytime they damages an enemy with their basic attack or when they are performing their skills hearts grants allies 10% attack and movement speed and they gain 10 more energy when they deal damage per stack of hearts there can only be 10 stack of hearts on each allies

Green skill pop up tab Yesss offers the closest enemy to tap on the tablet to Buzztube departing them off screen and leave the battlefield then they arrive again after 10 seconds or when all of the remaining enemies are KO’d when they returned they lost X HP and are silenced for 7 seconds

Blue Skill assistant support at the start of each wave Yesss calls out her assistant to buffs allies with the following buffs up to the player’s choice the player can choose between increased attack speed by 40% increased skill Power by Y or increased max HP by X all the buffs lasts for 15 seconds
While on auto the buffs chosen will be random

Purple skill hearts for you hearts also grants allies immunity and blinds
This is less effective against enemies above level Z

Red skill Buzztube star going trending also grants allies with less than 30% HP invincibility for 10 seconds
Now buffs granted by Yesss cannot be cleansed blocked copied or stolen this has a chance to fail against enemies above level Z

Additional Stats

+X max HP

+X reality

+X HP healed by going trending



Campaign Buzztube invite Yesss invites Shank over Buzztube to help make people make videos and hearts


Allies Ralph Woody Vanellope

Miss Piggy
Campaign Increased dominion Missy Piggy gets mad and ask Yesss for help bring some hearts


Allies Judy Hopps Joy Aladdin

i like the concept

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