Your Favorite Friendship Campaign by Character

The very concept of the friendships have been changed. But that hasn’t stopped us from loving the campaigns and being involved in each story it tells. But out of the two that each character has. Which campaign is your favorite campaign?


  • Three Wishes (Genie)
  • Street Rats (Shank)

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Your topics are sort of becoming spam.

Am i going too fast again? I’m sorry.

You released a thread a little over an hour ago. Even one a day is a bit much. Try making a couple of decent ongoing topics rather than countless ones that die off very quickly.


Maybe try having all this friendship stuff in one thread, like @Scary_Minnie_VIII’s ellimination thread, instead of making a new one, they keep all the stuff in one thread :slight_smile:


I know, i know. I just got so many ideas in my head it’s like zing! there’s an good thread to make. whoosh! there’s another one. Sometimes i have delete other ideas i’m working on in favor of newer one that people might like. And sometimes i do it more quickly. I don’t mean for them to come off as spam. So again. Sorry about that

I suggest writing them down.


Can i at least keep this thread please? I’m actually rather curious about your favorite campaign.

Imo yes, this thread doesn’t violate ToS. Making many topics in a short time can be seen as spam but I don’t think you made them in such a short time for them to be considered spam.

Just, maybe slow down a bit in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

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  • Missing Friends (Elsa)
  • Save the Date (Mike Wazowski)

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  • City Treasure (Gaston)
  • City Mayor (Scar)

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  • Trust Together (Aladdin)
  • One for the Vaults (Shank)

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  • Search for Wonderland (Miguel Rivera)
  • Down the Rabbit Hole (Quorra)

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You aswell? XD

Why not? (10)

Cheshire Cat

  • Touch of Destiny (Hank & Dory)
  • A Transparent Unbirthday (The Mad Hatter)

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The Mad Hatter

  • Hare-Brained Scheme (Alice)
  • An Uninvited Quest (Rafiki)

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The Queen of Hearts

  • City Croquet (Alice)
  • A Horse, a Horse (Rex)

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