Your Favorite Villain in the Game

Halloween is four days away. And that’s the time for the villains to come out to play and cause mischief in the city.

I know that everybody has a favorite villain they like to play with in the game wheither they have good mechanics, admire their skilllset, or just because it’s their favorite villain regardless.

I want to know who is your favorite villain(s) that are currently in the game you love to put on your team?

I have 4.
Sarah Sanderson, Winifred Sanderson, Mary Sanderson, and Mother Gothel.

I use them because I LOVE them, regardless of their power.

I have 2

The first is Kaa, he is voiced by Sterling Holloway, my favorite Disney Era voice actor and is one of the few villains that is a perfect mixture of hilarity and terror.

The second is Oogie Boogie. Despite being despicable in wanting to eat Santa, you can help but be entertained by him despite how much screen time he has. And has anyone heard his rap battle with King Dice? Hope he comes back for the sequel.

He did, but in the sequel game to the movie, Oogie’s Revenge.


You didn’t hear?

Word on the street is that Tim Burton is making a second Nightmare Before Christmas.

I did hear, but just telling you a nice reminder that he’s coming back in a game from PS2 and Xbox.

My fav is definitliy Mother Gothel or the Witchs from Hocus Pocus. So same as @Iconic_Aurora

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