You're boycotting for no reason, let me find you another one


All this rant about costs is stupid tbh, you should all have quitted this game since they added 6th star, but ur still here crying. Well.

Let’s check one interesing part of the statement that PB released.

With this statement they made cost increasing and in-game progress legit, but they killed another part that was the only thing keeping people in game: huge hero variety.

Since then you’re forced to play meta and only meta, and PB has all their rights to create new strong heroes.
You know, Darkwing Duck has some insane Nick’s Disk and Invisibility is some strong thing, all this will make him an instainclude once he gets a new chip source.

Since then you’re forbidden to play anything that is fun and may be risky but rewarding.
Niche disks exist, but you need resources to put them into play and special comps.

For example, I like Maui Moana disk that gives bonus to tanks, and Sally Yax disk that gives another bonus to tanks. I could make a lineup full of tanks, hmmm…

Turns out this risk not even worth it and it was very costly to get all the needed heroes of that type, to max them, make them relevant in the only place it mattered: PvP.

Guess why ur cost rant is irrelevant?

Leveling heroes was costly way before, you had to spend 2 months to get 5 stars, now you need more than 3. Not even talking about disks that need friendship missions. And farming badges from zero to orange is a pain most of the time. Gold and exp in this case is the lowest problem and you look like crybabies.

The problem was always the approach from devs, thinking that thats not variety that makes the game interesting, they made a decision after decision to make sure that what they stated is what they like.

Just imagine all the freeze synergies and the teams you can make. Felix, Olaf, Elsa, Miguel and something else.

And it will never happen. Thats some more appropriate reason to leave.


People already have them and use them and its the ones with the biggest amount to spend they the biggest spenders on my server will still have all heroes maxed and I’ve only 24 at 01 00 and I’ve spent a fair bit. And I can’t get my skills to 95 etc alot of skills need to be 95 as they have a chance to fail etc. So skills are important starving us of gold is bad. As for the other point we now have a raft of darkwing ducks olafs etc and its changed 0 the biggest spenders go its only money and dont care just pull away from the rest of us. Some have hundreds of mission speed ups stored which means they can still speed through disks etc. A 2 star darkwing 1 star badge lvl 13 killed me by killing shields straight away ridiculously unbalanced.


The truth is that you wouldn’t level up skills in time even before changes.
People who already has this kind of stuff is fine for now, not much of those.
Same was for Maleficent, but now shes in the Heist shop and everyone has and uses her.

Imo its much better to not have gold than to see all these pvp instainclude heroes and having no idea where to spend all your gold because getting something to a competitve level costs more than gold.


Wouldn’t I lol clueless I’ve always upped skills enchanted straight away shows what you know. Rofl


And now ur saying you cannot because they increased the costs for 200k for 1 hero till lvl 100? Srsly?


I can’t since they upped everything till then had no problem


Yes I needed gold sold some xp pots for it then 2 days later comes announcement about this sudden increase couldn’t get it back in time. I usually make back what I sell so was more important to up heroes to 94 and enchant now 95 I can’t do anything because of the gap in gold 20k per skill and 20k per pot remember. I even bought a 6 deal involving 6 mil and it dont go far


Says we’re crying while crying about us crying. So whos crying exactly?


True. In fact, I had already told my guildmates I would leave last week if level cap was raised again and/or O3 came. Farming has always been unbearably slow from the very beginning in this game, but now that badges are so huge the stagnation is desperating. You can even have double drops and 200 x 60 stamina, you don’t even promote a single hero. In DragonSoul I could reach the top for some time in both Arena and Coli Challenge, and I only paid the month deal. Whales liked just maxing heroes and being on top in individual/guild rankings.


@Brandoswine now i am confused?

For Crying out loud :wink:


Already quit the game just watchin forum sometimes to have a look if comming back in future might be an option, certainly not At this point, still keep in touch through whats app with Some o my guildies and friends from when i played. We were top 3 guild guild, last months even top 1, we have 7-10 people in guild who quit playing cause o past 3-5 updates, and its not our server alone there is a major decrease o players on all servers and still perblue keeps goin the same way even settin up more servers lol, to give the false idea growth is still actiever. Think this game Will not be Pos to turn iT around anymore. Prob Will delete or Mark my post soon since criticism isnt welcome lol.
Worst thing to do is ban my account lol:)


Think all you want.
Im just pointing you all were doing nothing but slamming the wall with your face.

Because that’s what people do in the game that was meant to be p2w when they rant about economies. And what ur gonna do now, with every deal they give saying stuff like “DEVS 2 GREEDY”? Pathetic.


Sad thing is, you aren’t wrong. I’m a staunch supporter of gave devs, but these decisions are abhorrent. I have no idea who prompted these changes, but it clearly wasn’t in the best interest of the players.


Quitted is not a word


“Quitted” is indeed a word, and is the past tense version of “quit”.

The More You Know.



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No it isnt :wink:


Argue and deny all you want. A Search Engine will provide all the proof you need.


I do not care what google says. Thhr important thing is grammar not google.


Grammatically, “I quitted my job yesterday” is the exact same as saying “I quit my job yesterday”.

I does not sound right to hear and does not sound right to say, but it is 100% grammatically correct.

Argue and deny all you want. Won’t change the fact that “quitted” is a word and can be used grammatically correct within a sentence.


It can be, but add “ac” to the front


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