You've Got Mail Weekly Challenge

Not sure if this challenge is working as intended. Have received private messages from friends but count still shows as 0/10


Me too… 0/10

Yeah, it’s not working. I put in a support ticket, hopefully will be fixed later!


:mailbox_with_no_mail: We’re looking into it!


Different note on this same challenge, how is it any different from the far older “Social Butterfly” challenge?

Still not fixed…

We need to wait.

It should be exactly the same.

I’ll let you know once we have it fixed.


Why don’t you take it down and replace it with another challenge?

We’ve fixed the challenge and updated the text. It no longer requires the PMs to be all on the same day, and you can earn progress. Thanks for being patient!


I’m still not receiving credit for the message challenge and the same for ppl in my guild.

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Sorry for the double post - me and my guild are not getting credit. We tried several times.

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Manage to do the challenge but did not get the reward

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@Hiro7 Does it still show the same thing if you restart the game?

Now it’s fixed. Tnx

Got 5 of the Challenge and they reset to 0. That’s annoying.

Yeah I have to go back and reread all of the previous messages in order for them to count again. Very annoying.

You should change the translated text too than. in german still says ob the same day.

So frustrating.

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