Yummy, Bacon. (Unlikely Concept #4)

Robot and Monster (duo)
Position: frontline
Quote: " Let’s go to the Makin-Bacon. "
Stars: :star2::star2:
Entrance: Monster runs in the battlefield and then Robot runs to the battlefield and jumps on Monster’s head.
Team: red
Win: Monster jumps up and down. Robot dances and Ogo flys in showing them a picture he drew and the picture says “Well done” .
Loses: Monster crys and Robot gets so mad that he brows up.

Basic attack: Monster throws a plant at the enemy and Robot throws a remote control at the enemy.

White Skill: Boom, Crash, Marf
Marf comes in and place a bomb nearby the enemy and brows up.

Green Skill: Blinking Lights
Robot grabs a box of blinking lights and throws it at the enemy.

Blue skill: Bacon Fights
Monster throws bacon at the enemy.

Purple skill: Flying Ogo In My Hair
Every 4 times “Boom, Crash, Marf” is used the next 2 enemys that Robot and Monster use “Boom,Crash,Marf” on will lose X more health.

Red skill: Crazy Danger EveryWhere
“Bacon Fights” will do X more damage.

Friendship #1 Fanboy and Chum Chum - Robot and Monster.
Disk name: Best Buds
Allies:Kyle, Stitch, Spitfire

Friendship #2: Animal - Robot and Monster.
Disk name: Smart Enough.
Allies: Squidward, J.D, Goofy

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I hope you guys like it

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I Love That Show!

How many bacon? Opps- i meant stars.

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