Yuuri Wakasa School-Live Unlikey Heroes Concept

Hi everyone today we talking about a Yuuri Wakasa from School-Live.


Yuuri Wakasa

Description: Yuuri is here to help you and allies from survival.

Quote:"The Okay…The Okay, "


Entrance: walk to positive and put on her with a jacket.

Victory: Yuuri clap a hand.

Defeat: Yuuri get Scare and Worry. like this.

Basic Attack: Wave at allies least Heal and energy.

Skills Animation

White Skills :white_circle:
“Don’t give up!” ( Normal Damage )

Passive: Instead an damage, Yuuri basic attack to allies least, heal by 50% allies and gains 100 energy

Active: Yuuri press a button for sounds alarm, all enemies take x Normal damage and Silence them for 10.0 second, While each hit also apply Shatter them for 15 second.

Green Skills :green_circle:
“Bucket Wet”

Yuuri throw a bucket at Most skills power, while splash at enemies their reduce 80% for 8 second and stealing 500 energy.

Blue Skills :large_blue_circle:
“Note Targets” ( Normal Damage )

Yuuri draw note book all allies gains a shield x for 10.0 second and gains 5 stack of hardy.

Yuuri draw note book all enemies their reduce Attack speed by 80% and Apply 5 stack of Fatigue.

Purple Skills :purple_circle:
“Aid Healing”

Ever Yuuri basic attack, now cleaned allies and gains Basic damage and skills power x for 10.0 second.

Red Skills :red_circle:
“Love a Plants” ( Fantastic Damage )

“Note Targets” Now yuuri gains Skills power x and attack Speed by 300% for rest of wave.

“Bucket Wet” now all enemies splash and deals x fantastic damage. “Don’t Give Up!” now Yuuri and allies gains movement attack Speed by 200% for 10.0 second.

X. Skills Power
X. Max Hp
X. Basic Damage and Skills Power for “Aid Healing”

Friendship Disk

1.Yuuri Wakasa and Tiana
Disk Name: love a Soup
Disk Effects: “Don’t Give Up” loss energy
Other Effects:

1.while Yuuri use “Don’t Give Up” now all enemies loss 100 energy for each hit. ( x% Star level )

2.X Basic Damage to role support
3.X Skills Power to role support
4.X Enemies role Control loss Basic damage
5.X Enemies role Control loss Skills Power

Campaign: Yuuri and Tiana making a special Soup.

Allies: Yuki Takeya, Kurumi Ebisuzama, Miki Naoki,

2.Yuuri and Jake lone
Disk Name: The History Dragon
Disk Effects: Red Team Buff
Other Effects:

1.Yuuri and allies from Red Team Deals 20% damage with basic attack and skills power. ( x% Star level )

2.X Basic Damage to Yuuri and allies
3.X Skills Power to Yuuri and allies
4.X Armor to Yuuri and allies
5.X Reality to Yuuri and allies

Campaign: Jake lone want to making a status Dragon, Yuuri making one for you.

Allies: Quasimodo, Monkey Fist, The Mayor,

I hope like my heroes concept!

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