Yuzu Blue archives unlikey heroes concept

Hi everyone today we talking about a Yuzu from blue archives.



Description: The two are now inseparable thank to their shared love of Video Games.

Quote:“There’s less than a month until the party…”



Entrance: Run to positive and drop a gun and pick back up.

Victory: Yuzu shot a sky and firework and happy.

Defeat: Yuzu cover a eye.

Basic Attack: Shoot with fun to further enemy.

Skills Animation

White Skills :white_circle:
“Press Start” ( Fantastic Damage )

Passive: Yuzu Shoot further enemy dealing x fantastic damage when applause 2 stack of “level up” to stack up maximum by 12 time.

Active: Yuzu Shoot a sky to all enemy team dealing x fantastic damage, when stack of “level up” instead stunning them for 10.0 second.

( while “Level up” increase by 10% ask a Crit Damage to stack maximum by 100% )

Green Skills :green_circle:
“Max Chain Comba”( Normal Damage )

Yuzu arm a target to further enemy dealing x damage and their Tenacity and Evasion by 80% last 8.0 second.

Blue Skills :large_blue_circle:
“Debugging Process…”

Yuzu play games on a phone gun, and applause study Enemy Team or their Skills power x last 10.0 second.

Yuzu also still Skills Power when enemy are study.

Purple Skills :purple_circle:
“A Shy Girl’s Courage”

Yuzu gains Skills Power x when enemy have stun or study.

“Level up” also heal x herself when stack of “level up” after basic attack or “Press Start”.

Red, Skills :red_circle:
“Game Over”( True Damage )

“Level up” also increase movement attack speed by 30% to stack up maximum by 300% for Rest of wave.

“Max Chain Combat” also target to Remove Reflect and dealing x True Damage and stunning them for 10.0 second.

When enemy are K.O also 3 stack a “level up” after K.O enemy.

X. Max Hp
X. Skills Power
X. More Extra damage to “Press Start”

Friendship Disk

1.Yuzu and Genie
Disk Name: Super Games
Disk Effects: Energize Up
Other Effects:

Yuzu and Allies Starting a Energy and Energize by 500.( x% Start level )
2.X Basic Damage when stack of “level up”
3.X Skills Power
4.X Reality

Campingn: Genie ask what a 3 wish? Yuzu is confused what wish, yuzu think a all games, Genie ask a wish and portals with a game.

Allies: Aris, Momoi & Midori, Mickey Mouse,

2.Yuzu and Mickey Mouse
Disk Name: Marvel Game
Disk Effects: “level up” to allies
Other Effects:

1.When enemy are K.O increase “Level up” to allies for Rest to Wave. ( x% Start level )

2.X Enemy loss Evasion They are Study
3.X Enemy loss Tenacity They are Study
4.X Enemy loss Armor They are Study
5.X Enemy loss Reality They are Study

Campingn: Yuzu and Mickey Mouse ask go to black Market, Yuzu ask yes, when enter Marvel Heroes character, Yuzu is so cool, Mickey Mouse is good to see also Disneyland or Others Character.

Allies:Iron Man, Spider Man, Thor,

I hope like heroes concept!

Level up!

Thank you! I wonder what happened next?

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