Yzma - Miss Piggy glitched disk?

Since i unlocked the disk i been using it for my Yzma. And i found great this disk until Yzma health reach the under 50% and activate the ability of this disk. Because thanks to this disk her speed feels like is changed from the 1.00 value to .30 (becoming 70% slower in perception) and not the 1.30 speed intended according to the game description.

Is the description wrong or is a glitch @Polaris?

Hands down this is a bug

Yep, it’s a bug. 0.3 is not an increase over 1.0. :crazy_face:

It’s working correctly at 4 and 5 stars for the disc, but we’ll get the stats fixed up with the next client update.


Which is when? Now without a lot of memory tokens this disk is just waste of resources and time :man_shrugging: Hope it will be changed quickly.

1.14 is planned for next week.

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