Yzma Tips and Appreciation

Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a thorough analysis of Yzma’s role as a Control character; it’s just a little appreciation mixed in with some tips on her playing style.


I’m so happy to finally have one of the funniest Disney villains! :grin:


  • Don’t pair her up with Genie, as Genie’s Makeover gets in the way of Yzma’s own Llama Drama. She does work well with Maleficent, though if you have The Mad Hatter, Yzma’s Llama Drama might get in the way of Hatter’s Sweet Tooth

    • After some testing, I still stand by this - Genie and Yzma might be able to transform two different enemies at a time, but most of the time, Genie will get in the way of Yzma’s Llama Drama considering that for whatever reason, characters in the game tend to use their Blue skills first, then their Green skills.

    • You have a chance to Stun the enemy team for a total of 14 seconds if you get the Stun from Push Your Luck to activate with Maleficent’s Fog of Doom

  • Llama Drama deals a huge amount of damage. At 2 stars, 4 badges with no enhancements, 02 and level 104, my Yzma’s Llama Drama deals 39,628 damage.

    • Llama Drama deals damage immediately, instead of after the transformation wears off like with Genie’s Makeover

    • Yzma targets random enemies with Llama Drama - most of the time, she’ll either target a Front enemy, or snipe a Back enemy. Yup, that’s right, Yzma can snipe Back enemies.

    • Llama Drama can affect Hiro’s Megabot

  • Push Your Luck

    • Most of the time, despite the bio saying “Yzma will throw her potion at the closest enemies,” Yzma will throw her potion into the middle of the enemy formation, damaging every enemy. This is great, especially since it means the entire enemy team has a chance to be affected by Yzma’s disables.

    • Already deals a great amount of damage even at level 1, which is what my Push Your Luck is currently at (I spent all my money on Scary Beyond All Reason lol)

    • This skill doesn’t say it is level dependent, but after a couple of battles, I think it is. See, Yzma is supposed to stay Invincible during the duration of Push Your Luck, but my Yzma gets interrupted by enemy attacks every now and then.

    • As the description states, it’ll deal more damage depending on how long you mixed it for. There’s a very good indication for what kind of power you’ll have once you activate Yzma a second time - look at the potion Yzma procures.


      • Green - Deals the lowest amount of damage; acquired by activating Yzma again almost immediately
      • Yellow - Deals decent damage; usually acquired after activating Yzma a few seconds later.

        • This one is what you’ll likely get most of the time, considering you need to keep an eye on Yzma for Push Your Luck to be effective. This is also what you’ll get when you play on Auto.

          • This isn’t so bad, since it can still deal massive damage. Again, at 2 stars, 4 badges with no enhancements, 02 and level 104, Yzma can deal anywhere from 20k to 40k damage with this. This is pretty great damage, considering the maximum amount she can currently hit is 66,427.

          • To add insult to injury, even if Yzma doesn’t deal a lot of damage, there’s a great chance she’ll Stun the enemies. Keep in mind that if Yzma does Stun enemies, she Stuns enemies for 9 seconds!

  • Screenshot_20191007-101248_Disney%20Heroes

  • Pink - Deals major damage; read below for how to acquire this.

  • Don’t rely on the battle timer for Yzma’s special, at least if you play on Slow mode; it doesn’t work when you try to time it that way.

    • If you play on Slow mode, count how many cycles Yzma’s bottles go through. Immediately activate Yzma once you count 12 cycles, and you’ll get the highest amount. If you want to Push Your Luck (:laughing:), activate Yzma as soon as you hit the 13th cycle.
      • Though do be warned, I think this skill will need just a little polishing up, because for whatever reason, it’ll blow up in Yzma’s face every now and then after 9 cycles, though she won’t take major damage like she usually would otherwise.

      • If you play on Turbo mode, keep a close eye on the timer, and activate Yzma as soon as 6 seconds pass. This will work most of the time, just know that this is also affected by the weird… bug? I mentioned earlier.


The heights in this game never cease to amaze me :laughing:

Btw, this was a pic I took before I found out Genie and Yzma don’t have good synergy. I’d probably have to do a few more tests, but from the few battles I did with them, Genie more often than not targeted the same enemy Yzma was going to hit with Llama Drama.

Hope you enjoyed this! :grin:


Dang that’s good

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I like Yzma. Funny.

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Hey @CMG4SwagMaster, @Hello_Pumpkins is just stating their opinion about something. Specifically Yzma.

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I know I’m just saying it was unnecessary. Though I do agree Yzma is awesome

Your the one to speak. You have done the same thing MANY times

sigh and as I’ve said ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS I have been trying to work on it

I feel sad. Was my comment not good.

It was good. It is just someone took it the wrong way

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Your comment was fine I just take things too literally or make things sound like what they are not

Thanks you. I feel better.

Yzma is really strong.

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Yzma’s potions are strong. Yzma’s appearance is… unattractive


Yeah but! Her sense of fashion is fabulous

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