Zootopia fru fru concept


“No icing people on my wedding”

Bio fru fru a little shrew with her kindness and shopping bags she is very supporting

Stars 1

Role midline support

Trial team blue

Entrance fru fru walks with her targoat bags

Victory fru fru squeaks like basil of Baker Street

Defeat fru fru falls with her targoat bags spilling

Basic attack see white skill

White skill that giant donut

Passive instead of a basic attack fru fru throws a targoat bag to the nearest ally healing them for x hp and increasing their attack speed by 48% for 8 seconds active a giant donut bounces above fru fru and collides with enemies dealing x normal damage 3 times to all enemies and increasing all allies attack speed by 80% for 10 seconds and granting all allies 200 energy

Green skill tiny cake

Fru fru gives some tiny cake to an ally healing them by x hp and giving them 500 energy

The energy give has a chance to fail against ALLLIES above level x

Blue skill wedding gown fru fru starts the battle with her wedding gown for 10 seconds her allies and her have a 50% chance to dodge all incoming attacks when she takes it off all alllies gain 50 energy per attack dodge

The dodge has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Purple skill donut save

When fru fru uses giant donut all her allies gain x basic damage per white skill activated before using giant donut within 21 seconds

Red skill I’m gonna name her Judy

Whenever an ally crits while above 800 energy fru fru and her allies gain 150 energy and 30%

Tiny cake now applies 18 stacks of hardy to all allies for 18 seconds

The hardy has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Friendship with mr. big

Mr. big shows fru fru around the city like a narrator but fru fru gets distracted also they punched some lambs (since bellwether) to oblivion and used their wool and skeleton to make tuxedos the end

Disk is called destroy dem lambs

The targoat bags grant the ally 100 energy

Friendship with stitch

Stitch and fru fru decide to play some carnival game and use acid guns to hideously melt sheep into oblivion

Disk is called kill carny lamb Carny

Fru fru’s allies have 0.5% attack speed and 60% skill power per 1 energy they have

Classification of hero

Energy spammer


My guy made a concept of a unimportant character

People can make concepts of whoever they want to, regardless of how important they are to the actual movie they came from.

Also, don’t revive dead topics like this.


How does it fail against enemy’s considering she gives it to her allies??

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I am sorry to revive this but dat was a typo

… Didn’t you revive 2 other concept topics hours before this one (that weren’t even yours)? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yay we finally reached 1k views on this


I just noticed the complaint

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