1.12.2 Known Issues

Here are some issues we’re investigating after the 1.12.2 update:

These issues were fixed with the 1.12.3 update. Please install it from your app store!

  • Using raid all on the hero page for elite campaign causes the game to crash
  • Some players are experiencing a crash when opening the event calendar
  • Epic City Watch keys are not be available on Servers 2-22 - they should not be displayed in the UI on those servers.

These issues have been resolved:

  • Invasion Bosses are overpowered
  • Some breaker teams have red skills on servers where red skills are not available

number of skill points available not showing in skills screen. can upgrade skills - just can’t see x/32


The bots just reverted to what they were 3 weeks ago. This is a problem because all the bots out in our guild are 300+ and now 1 shot us

@Maleficent_tam Screenshot please!

I can still skill her up, but that’s definetly strange


Also invasion breaker battle creeps in server 2 might have red skills activated. If not Hades looks to have some new visual effects when you attack him

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thanks, crusty :slight_smile:

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They were moved up into the resources bar! You can see them up further.


ooh good call. that’s a little different, but probably better

ahhhh good enuf

Please fix the invasion issue. Tired of my Bo Peep getting one shot by the boss, already tough to have her spinning in the opposite direction sometimes and then this.


@Polaris also heroes in breakers are using red skills against us which isn’t very fair either. They shouldn’t use them until we can (server 16)


Also Blue invasion is the worst one, was hoping two new heroes will add more survivability but they didn’t help either when I tried.

Should we just halt invasion til this is fixed? Is it for all bots, or just some? Blew 3 breakers on a 180 bot that I should have easily taken down. Decided to stop, and came to see this.

At least it makes more sense now.

I disagree, I vastly preferred the old layout. This looks very cluttered and misaligned.

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@Polaris There is a problem to collect collection rewards :

Also @polaris is Miss Piggy’s head supposed to be moving at such a high speed

The power on the invasion bosses has been revered. Please restart your game client to see the change.


@Arthurus Please send in a support ticket so they can investigate the game logs.

The little ‘C’ on heroes to indicate a collection being progressable, only appears on a hero after it’s been used once - it isn’t there already. If I use a hero, it shows up.