1.13 Known Issues

Here are the known issues following the 1.13 update:

  • Some players may notice lag when opening the hero screen
  • After making a purchase, some players will receive the VIP Bonus diamonds, but not the purchased package. If this happens, please contact support so we can send you the purchased diamonds and VIP Rings.
  • Heroes that are KO’d during Invasion Breaker quick fight battles don’t show as KO’d in the next battle.
  • When adding XP bottles by holding down the button, the XP bar can get out of sync. This is a display issue only and restarting your game will show the correct value.

These issues have been resolved:

  • Not all translations have been implemented in this release, so players may see text in English, even with their game set to another language.
  • When the Guild Aid perks are purchased, the number of times a member can request help doesn’t increase instantly.
  • At low levels, Gonzo’s “Hard nocks” skill isn’t working correctly, and can reduce his damage too much.

Why is this here? The update has not happened yet?


Yea why
Is it here

These are issues that we found in QA just before the update so you can be aware.


Oh… that’s really quick support, it’s nice that you ‘‘aware’’ us really fast. :heart:

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This is very good thay this came out. Polaris and team could simply not say anything and let more people discover than and freak out. They are aware of the issues that may pop up and im sure are working on solves for them. So instead of waiting more to give us the update they are giving us the update as is, making us aware of a possible issue, and are probably already working on a patch update to come out soon to fix those issues.

Thank you @Polaris

Chapter 22 is not available until TL 136. Is that intentional?


^ this

  1. and… In patch notes new heroes got their red skills names but in-game it doesn’t show.
  2. All heroes now have red skill icon but only H, D and L don’t have icon for their red skill.

When collecting friendship quests “collect and restart” feature is grayed out and not selectable

Why we have to be 136 for new chapter ? Really… ?

From the patch notes: Completed Friend Missions will now need to be collected before you can start new missions with any of the heroes that participated in the completed mission.

If you have a load of completed and not collected missions, you’ll need to collect them all before starting the mission again.

There are some red skills bits still going through the approval process.

No, that should be TL 135 - working to fix that!


Chapter 22 is now available at TL 135!


The friends tab is flickering, @Polaris.


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I’m not sure if this is even considered an issue but the “Catch Up Challenge: Team Level 130” ends very quickly, which is in one day, unlike the other ones who end in a week.

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Was about to ask about the catch up challenge… is this a bug @Polaris ?


Not really a issue, but we on S21 can’t unlock guild aid. Cuz it’s unlocking at guild lvl 4.

We also have guild aid, so why we don’t have the perks??? :thinking:

Everyone has Guild Aid. That perk is to give guild members extra requests for XP help each day.

Yep, that was an error - it’s been extended and should last the same duration as the other challenge events.


Ich hoffe es gibt weiterhin Übersetzungen. In allen Spielbereichen.
Bei Dragon Soul wurde auch irgendwann nicht mehr übersetzt. Wie es dann zu Ende ging dürfte allen bekannt sein.

The translations are coming and should be in the game by the end of the day. It was just a slight delay and not a sign of the end times. :smiley:

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